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18K WG Diamond Tahitian Pearl Pendant

Model No: MTP392

Source: French Polynesia
Type: Tahitian Pearl
Shape: Drop
Size: 13.5x 15.5mm
Colour: Green Hue
Metal Fineness: 18K White Gold
Diamonds: 0.8ct; 3 diamonds weighted 0.09ct in total; 17 diamonds weighted 0.48ct in total
HEX: 3015 2A86 284E 2000 0000 001EH
DEC: 489 1018 800005 – 30

#Pearl Jewellery  


Supplier Fukui Shell Nucleus Factory

Fukui Shell Nucleus Factory is a Hong Kong based pearling company. Its core productions include producing shell nucleus for all types of pearl farms, and tools and equipment for pearl operations. The company has a pearl farm where it manufactures Akoya pearls for wholesale. It also imports and exports various types of pearls including: Mabe pearls, South Sea pearls and a wide selection of Akoya pearls. Other than import and export, wholesale and pearl production as mentioned above, the company provides services of shell or pearl processing. It is best known for its exquisite craftsmanship on its featured shell carvings and sculptures.

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