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Are You Ready?

7 September 2018

By Christie Dang   


The global jewellery scene has entered a whole new season of vibrant activities. Over the last three quarters, we have witnessed jewellery manufacturers exploring opportunities by applying fresh concepts and the latest technology in their product lines. Innovation is no longer confined to the look of a jewellery piece, but is now more evident in its multifunctional nature.

In a fast-changing market, multitasking has become a vital part of jewellers’ and customers’ everyday lives. In this issue, we look into how jewellery companies are making use of the Internet to bring their businesses to a new level, and how crucial online marketing, e-management and e-tailing are to their success. In this month’s Special Features section, Kevin Metz, chief marketing officer of Stuller, talks about his insights into future trends in the digital and jewellery industries (pages 32 to 35). As our contributor Esther Ligthart points out in her report on pages 24 to 31, e-commerce is “not just for millennials.” A modern approach to selling and buying online is indispensable to today’s consumers who are constantly looking for rich content, engaging presentations and interactive functions.

Are you ready for new levels of success in a highly modern jewellery world?


Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Christie Dang