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Stay relevant, be willing to change

5 November 2018

By Christie Dang   


The buying experience has become an integral element not only for retailers with physical stores but for almost every business that operates in an open market where their customers – whether end-users or experts in the trade – have the freedom to choose who to buy from.

As professionals in the jewellery industry, we are so used to educating our customers, telling them what is good as well as what and from whom they should buy. However, as our future lies in the new generation, a win-win situation means suppliers get to sell what they can offer, but buyers also get to pay for what they really want. Customer centricity topped the agenda of many conferences and forums recently. We all know we can only be successful if what we provide matches with our customers’ needs. To do that, we must first listen to and understand them, and then, most importantly, be able and willing to change! In this issue, we see how top-notch luxury brands including Cartier and Fabergé refine and localise their business strategies in Asia. The head of gigantic diamantaire De Beers likewise shares his views on the evolution of the group and the industry as a whole in response to market change. You may also realise the need for and are ready to change, but are you willing to change?


Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Christie Dang