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  • Largest number of speakers and delegates at 19th ICA Congress

    The 19th International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) Congress, which convened in Bangkok from October 12 to 15, 2019, saw its largest ever turnout in its more than 30-year history. The event held discussions about pressing issues in the industry such as sustainability, responsible sourcing and challenges faced by artisanal and small-scale miners versus large-scale industrial mining. A series of speeches and panel discussions also touched base on new consumer and design trends and marketing opportunities in the digital era, as well as updated gemstones grading technologies and standards.

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  • The KP elephant in the room has to be dealt with

    The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) Intersessional Meeting in Mumbai completed its half yearly meeting three weeks ago. It gave us some time to reflect on why the KPCS agenda is moving so slowly.

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  • An interview with Dacques Nini in Mogok

    Dacques Nini, GIA GG, PG, JDT, FCGmA, has years of adventures in some of the most famous and exotic sources of diamonds and coloured gemstones. He has lived in Canada, South Africa and Brazil as a gemstone trader. Working as a field gemmologist, Nini visits gemstone countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Myanmar, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. He has likewise visited some of the famed diamond mines in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and South Africa.

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  • Celebrating success

    As we prepare to count our blessings and losses over the past 12 months, and set new goals and resolutions, the retail industry is at the height of probably one of the most hectic seasons of the year, Christmas!

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  • Stay relevant, be willing to change

    The buying experience has become an integral element not only for retailers with physical stores but for almost every business that operates in an open market where their customers – whether end-users or experts in the trade – have the freedom to choose who to buy from.

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  • Knowledge matters

    In a competitive business world where efficiency is of top priority, the Internet doesn't only bring people closer to each other, it has also enabled the public to instantly access the latest information from all corners of the world. Even professional industry knowledge could be just a click away.

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  • Are You Ready?

    The global jewellery scene has entered a whole new season of vibrant activities. Over the last three quarters, we have witnessed jewellery manufacturers exploring opportunities by applying fresh concepts and the latest technology in their product lines. Innovation is no longer confined to the look of a jewellery piece, but is now more evident in its multifunctional nature.

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  • Double opportunities

    Just a fresh and seemingly new look is not enough to woo customers nowadays, as the younger generation has become more knowledgeable about products and more confident about their needs. Jewellery brands and designers have to work closely with developers of new technology and inject more new functionalities into their collections, some of which could be directly or indirectly linked with artificial intelligence.

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  • Think deep, act fast

    We’ve talked about the importance of embracing change. It’s not just about acknowledging this reality, but also for all of us in the jewellery industry to react urgently.

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