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Eugene YJ Chen
Jewellery Design Programme Taiwan Jewellery Arts Institute, Jewelry Design GIA.
Eugene YJ Chen, thinks that a piece of jewelry is the combination of craftsmanship with the gift of Mother Earth. It’s the perfect balance between emotional expression and rational presentation. To extend the passion of paintings and art to jewelry, Chen started his training in jewelry design and goldsmith in late 2014, and continuously seeking all relative knowledge about jewelry crafting. Other than the traditional hand drawn jewelry designs, Chen is also very interested in rendering jewelry illustrations on computer with 3D modeling programs. With 3D program, Chen is able to finish both designing and modeling at the same time before presenting the concept of a piece of jewelry. Chen is currently running RealizedStudio as an independent designer, and actively participating jewelry design competitions in recent years.
  • Lunar Waltz 月舞蒼穹
    Description: Lunar Waltz, 2018 The 9th China Jewelry Design and Craftsmanship Contest, Professional...
  • Echo of the World 世界的迴響
    Description: Echo of the World, 2018 HK Chuk Kam Jewellery Design Competition, Fashionable 18K...
  • Lotus Play 戲蓮
    Description: Lotus Play, 2015 Shanghai Jewelry Competition, Professional Group, Nominee. 戲蓮, ...
  • Rose Garden 玫瑰園
    Description: Rose Garden, 2016 The First "Yu Yao Jiang" Jewelry Design Competition, nominee award...
  • Messenger of Hope 捎來的希望
    Description: Messenger of Hope, 2017 Taiwan International Creative Jewelry Design Competition...
  • Blessing of Purity 祝福純度
    Description: Blessing of Purity, 2016 GIT World's Jewelry Design Award, top 30 nominees. 祝福純度...
  • Glory of Lotus 蓮之榮耀
    Description: Glory of Lotus, 2016 GIT World's Jewelry Design Awards, 2nd Runner-Up on Final. ...
  • Auspicious Peace 吉祥平安
    Description: Auspicious Peace, 2018 Shandong China - 2nd China Gold Tech Cup, Gold Jewelry Design...
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