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Yellow Diamond Ring

Material: 18K gold, yellow diamond

#Natural (Fancy Color)  


Supplier Fook Tai Jewellery Group Limited

The business history of the Group can be traced back 1993 when Mr.Chan, the founded of the Group, with the assistant of Mrs.Cahn, conducted jewellery business in Hong Kong under the name of FTJGC. With the business development, the business operated by FTJGC was transferred to Fook Tai Hong Kong in 2004.

The Group has been operating in Hong Kong under the brand name of “Fook Tai Jewellery” and has accumulated over 20 years experience in jewellery selling. The brand name has been recognized as one of the classic brands of jewellery retail in Hong Kong.

The Group principally engages in the procurement,marketing and promotion, distribution and retail of fine jewellery products.The Group’s jewellery product types comprise rings,earrings,necklaces,bracelets, etc., whisch mainly consist of various jewellwey components such as gold,karat gold ,platinum , silver,pearls, diamonds ,jade and other gemstones.

Fook Tai Hong Kong has participated in a number of Hong Kong international jewellery exhibitions and trade fairs since the mid-20th century for enhancing the Group and the jewellery products branding.

For the past years, the Group has been committed to the purpose of “quality service, customer first” and adhered to the “integrity, professionalism and innovation” as its core value. We believe that only a long history of operation and quality services and products can successfully win the confidence of customers

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