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Equipment & Supplies

Heli watch and jewelry wipes - Made in Germany



Supplier Beco Technic GmbH

For more than 60 years Beco Technic supplies professional products and complete workshop equipment for the production and after-sales services of watches and jewelry. The product portfolio encompasses approx. 100,000 items and therefore offers the complete segment for strategic investments and items for daily use. Decades of experience, flexibility and perfect logistics as well as distribution through qualified wholesale partners in more than 70 countries are the basis of our success.

Our partners: Artifex, Bergeon, Dick, Dumont, Easy Piercy, Elma, Eschenbach, Gigalux, Greiner, Hagerty, Hatho, Heli, Lindstrom, Lista, Polirapid, Regine, Regine Horlogery, Menzerna, Merard, MTE, Otec, Roxer, Sartorius, Silbo, Tanita, Vallorbe, VOH, Waldmann, Wassermann, Witschi, and Zeiss.

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