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Diamond Necklace NL0438

Diamond Necklace

#Diamond Jewellery  


Supplier Man King Jewellery Co Ltd

Man King Jewellery Company is a manufacturer of fine jewellery. Man King Jewellery Co. set up its headquarters in Hong Kong and distribution office across the world. The professional designer, sales team and supporting whose provide integrated services to the customers.

Man King Jewellery Company provide vertical integration of business from excellence design, production, assembly and exportation. Our comprehensive product range included Diamond, Precious Stone, Semi-precious stone, Pearl as well as 14K and 18K gold and white gold jewellery. To operate in coordination with professional sales team and excellent production craftsmanship, we are able to ensure the highest quality and provide a one-stop tailor made services to our customers.

Over the year, it has established a sizeable customer base over 20 countries and regions which includes jewellery wholesaler distributors, retailers throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan, Australia and other South East Asia.

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