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Diamond jewellery design revelations

25 July 2018

The graceful Forevermark Endlea Collection redefines ‘Millennial Pink’ through self-expression and self-empowerment

Solitaire pavé drop earrings from Forevermark Endlea Red Carpet Collection

The Chow Sang Sang Forevermark Forever Kiss Collection celebrates a passionate and lasting love through solitaire pavé pendants

Floral-shaped ring from the Forevermark Red Carpet Collection signifies youthfulness in life

Diamonds showcasing simple outlines and contrasting forms

Chow Tai Fook Forevermark Swan Bridal Collection solitaire pendants

Greek mythology-inspired ring from the Forevermark Encordia Collection


From the international fashion and art scenes to social movements and celebrity culture, diamond jeweller Forevermark has identified the influences and inspirations that it believes will shape desire for diamonds this year.

Forevermark, the diamond jewellery brand of the De Beers Group, has released its annual report on this year's diamond jewellery trends.

The Forevermark Trend Report 2018 names four key trends – two for each fashion season – that will inspire jewellery collections combining timeless allure with contemporary appeal. Each theme’s unique blend of imaginative aesthetics and emotional significance presents wonderful opportunities for the creation of new and exciting designs, according to the company.

Federica Imperiali, Forevermark’s New Product Development head, commented, “We have created the 2018 Forevermark Trend Report’s four key moods as ‘muses’ to inspire our partners when creating their exquisite designs featuring our Forevermark diamonds. Our trend report is about supporting the creation of investment pieces that combine timeless elegance with contemporary appeal.”

Spring/Summer 2018:

Think Pink

The “Millennial Pink” phenomenon has given this most traditionally feminine of hues a new lease of life, re-packaging pink as a colour synonymous with empowerment and self-knowledge.

Rose gold settings bring warmth to jewellery designs, and contrast richly with fire-filled diamonds. This versatile tone supports the creation of fashion-inspired looks including stacks of slimline bangles, fingers full of rings, layered fine chain necklaces and mix-and-match earrings.

Think Pink celebrates confident women who know what they want and how they wish to look. The trend encourages the creation of singular jewellery statements, both in terms of the materials used and the way the jewellery is worn.

Spring/Summer 2018:

Garden of Wonders

Floral motifs are an always popular reference that can be updated with the changing of the seasons. From delicate buds to exuberant blooms, playing with scale ensures there is a look to suit every taste.

Forevermark finds a metaphor to the complexity of diamonds in the concept of gardens, which are simultaneously enchanting, resilient and filled with energy. Like the diamond, gardens epitomise nature at its most entrancing, the brand notes.

Autumn/Winter 2018:

Game of Shapes

From simple outlines to unexpected arrangements of contrasting forms, shape can be applied to diamonds themselves, as well as their settings. Sleek pavé lines or delicate square-top prongs create a striking backdrop for crisp round brilliant solitaires.

Meanwhile, multiple cuts such as a pair of square, oval or cushion-cut diamonds surrounded by pavé-set round brilliants, show the sophistication that can be achieved when combining different shapes.

Geometry, proportion, scale and silhouette offer a variety of ways to adapt this trend, which has shape at its heart.

Autumn/Winter 2018:

Time Capsule

Time Capsule references the aesthetics of antiquity where the columns of Grecian temples and the curves of Roman urns are replicated in metalwork and into which Forevermark diamonds are set. The fabulous court of Queen Marie Antoinette is another one of the many periods that provide creative spark for contemporary classics.

Archival jewellery collections are a wonderful source of inspiration, with their wealth of history and craftsmanship. Quintessential styles can be updated to suit modern tastes while preserving a sense of history, the brand points out.