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Queen of Colours

17 September 2018

Turquoise and diamond ring

Sapphire and topaz ring

A pair of earrings with aquamarine stones

Pamella Roland (Sam Aronov/

Tadashi Shoji (

Emerald ring

Ruby and diamond earrings

Bangle with baroque pearls, pink sapphires and diamonds

Ruby and diamond earrings

Emerald and diamond earrings


With diamonds taking on a more traditional role in the world of fine jewellery, coloured gemstones – stunning and captivating in their own right – are injecting more zest and fire into jewellery designs. Dewcarat Ltd is leading a colourful design revolution that places rubies, emeralds, sapphires as well as peridots, natural turquoise and tanzanite stones, among other vibrant gems, into the limelight.