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Colours of the rainbow

19 October 2018

Coloured gemstone necklace by Tengate Jewellery

18-karat gold brooch with amethyst, madeira citrine, Brazilian garnet, blue topaz, tsavorite and diamonds by Lorenzo Jewelry Ltd

Chloranthus serratus-themed earrings by Keiko Ito

Earrings layout of tanzanite stones with a total weight of 9.78 carats, and 21.22 carats of spinel by Paul Wild OHG

Coloured gemstone bracelet by Kitcharoen Multitrade Co Ltd

A pair of earrings with coloured gemstones by Kabarovsky Jewelry House

‘Madhubani’ earrings by Prismdia Ltd

Coloured gemstone bangles with diamonds by Able Jewelry Mfg Ltd

Etho Maria

Moliere (zhangjin_net /

Moliere (zhangjin_net /


Coloured gemstones inject energy and happiness into jewellery pieces. Here are some dazzling selections destined to highlight one’s natural beauty through scintillating displays of design and craftsmanship.