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Fabergé eyes expansion

16 November 2018

By Bernardette Sto. Domingo   

Legendary jewellery brand Fabergé is setting its sights on new areas of growth as it continues to pay homage to inimitable artistry and illustrious jewellery-making traditions.

Emotion multi-coloured crossover ring; Heritage Palais Tsarskoye Selo turquoise open-set bangle

Antony Lindsay, managing director of Fabergé

Heritage Egg pendants


The mere mention of Fabergé evokes respect and admiration in the jewellery industry, thanks to the company's pedigree and centuries-old design and manufacturing expertise. The brand however is not one to rest on its laurels. According to Antony Lindsay, managing director of Fabergé, the company continuously seeks ways to resonate with today’s consumers while preserving the classic allure of Fabergé pieces.

JNA: How would you describe the year 2018 for Fabergé compared to last year? What are your key accomplishments?

Antony Lindsay: The first eight months of the year have exceeded my expectations. Our key accomplishments undoubtedly were our creations and in turn our continued pursuit of perfection through creative audacity and extraordinary craftsmanship. At Fabergé, we strive to reinvent luxury with a sense of wonder, anticipation and discovery, and we base our work on the pursuit of excellence. Product-wise, we are delighted with the continued growth of our timepieces; our jewellery collections continue to lead the way by virtue of their uniqueness.

JNA: What can we expect from the company in 2019 and beyond?

Lindsay: Our strategy will be product-driven. We will continue to push the boundaries of artistry and craftsmanship, optimising the art of colour with superlative coloured gemstones and innovative techniques, and in turn create endearing and enduring jewellery – personal possessions of celebrated design and unsurpassed quality that could be passed down from one generation to the next.

We are also growing our Asian business, which is a new development for us. We are focused on the Middle East, Europe and the US at the moment but we are very pleased with our initial steps into the Asian market. Fabergé products are currently available in Hong Kong, Macau and Japan. We don’t have a presence in mainland China yet but it is a market that interests us. Southeast Asia is another attractive market, namely Singapore and South Korea.

JNA: What role does Fabergé play in Gemfields’ mine and market strategy?

Lindsay: Colour has always been a cornerstone of Fabergé’s designs so in keeping with our tradition, we’ll continue to explore vibrant colour palettes of enamel. We are not solely sourcing our gems from Gemfields at the moment but I think that will become the case with Fabergé overtime. Sustainability and the traceability from mine to market that Gemfields can now offer is incredibly important to Fabergé as it is to Gemfields.

Before Gemfields acquired Fabergé in 2013, there’s always been synergy between the two companies. What’s happening now is a continuation of those synergies and our mission here at Fabergé is to be the number one supplier of jewellery using ethically sourced gems.

JNA: What is your business strategy in the key markets of Europe, the US, Middle East and Asia?

Lindsay: Our strategy going forward is product-based and we will continue to push the design envelope through the use of Gemfields gemstones. We look to take inspiration from our past and make it relevant today. Innovation and forward-thinking initiatives are paramount to us. Corporate social responsibility is more important now than it’s ever been so sustainability will remain at the forefront of our operations. We find that the younger demographic of consumers are particularly appreciative of high-quality products as well as legacy and storytelling that underpin Fabergé. We want to stay true to our core values and the rest will follow naturally.