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Stirring the Imagination:
One Person, One Vote -- Bling Your Ring Design Competition

2 March 2019 recently invited students of the Hong Kong Design Institute to participate in the “Bling Your Ring” competition. After a unique judging process, Tsung Sze Pui, Emily, (Together), has been named champion of the competition while merit awardees included Lam Man Kin (Zero Distance), Li Yingyu (Flower Knows), Li Yuet (Blossom), Yip Yan (Glory).

Tsung Sze Pui, Emily
Design Name : Together

"Connecting two people with the promise of commitment,
the ring comes in black and white. Similar to the yin and yang,
it represents an unbreakable bond between the wearers. "

Lam Man Kin
Design Name : Zero Distance

"This design shows how technology can help us stay connected.
No matter where we are, there’s always a way to get in touch with anyone in the world. "

Li Yingyu
Design Name : Flower Knows

"Flowers are the products of nature, which in turn, serves as our direct line to God.
Let nature help us weave our own beautiful fairy tale on earth."

Li Yuet
Design Name : Blossom

" This ring brings to mind the magnificence of Mother Nature. "

Yip Yan
Design Name : Glory

" Glory and failure are linked together.
Failing helps one attain glory and makes winning all the more fulfilling. "


The competition’s theme, CONNECT, was aimed at stimulating the creativity of young designers through simple and basic materials while emphasising chic design elements and connectivity in the new era. A defining criteria of the competition was the inseparable relationship between innovative ideas and the sustainable development of the jewellery industry.

10 shortlisted designs were showcased on February 27 to March 1 at Asia’s Fashion Jewellery & Accessory Fair. The champion was selected by buyers and visitors under the “One Person, One Vote” scheme.

The champion is to receive HK$2,000 and a certificate. She is also entitled to online promotions in Merit awardees are to receive certificates and media coverage.