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Unravelling nature’s beauty

12 June 2019

Constantly inspired by nature, Canadian jewellery brand Secret Wood designs and produces unique handcrafted rings using wood, resin and beeswax.


What was the idea behind Secret Wood?

Our company has been handcrafting wood and resin jewellery in Vancouver, Canada since December 2015. Our idea was to take the beauty of the natural world and encapsulate it in a piece of jewellery.

Canada has played a key part in the inspiration behind our designs. A blend of ethereal fantasy elements grounded on Canadian natural landscapes shapes our creations.

Our collection started with a variety of ring designs and has since expanded to include pendants, nightlights and bracelets. All pieces are made of a combination of different types of wood and jewellery resin as well as additional decorative elements such as blossoms and flakes of gold. Some designs feature silver.

All our pieces showcase a landscape; it’s the perfect way for people to carry nature with them wherever they go.

What kind of materials do you use in your jewellery, and how is the design and 
production process?

All our pieces are made using a combination of wood and resin. Depending on the design and style, pieces can also include sterling silver, flower blossoms and flakes of real gold. Crafting is all done by hand by craftsmen in our Vancouver workshop – from shaping the wood to casting the resin and creating the designs.

Where does your inspiration come from?

We are constantly inspired by nature around us such as majestic mountains, delicate flowers and enchanting forests. Being in Vancouver, there is no shortage of fascinating natural sceneries around.

Could you share with us an interesting experience in your work?

We learned about many beautiful places around the world that we were previously unaware of. Our customers from all over the world – male, female, young and old – are amazing at telling us about new landscapes or locations, whether it’s a place they grew up in, or a vacation spot they visited. Everyone can find beauty in nature, which makes Secret Wood pieces attractive to these buyers. We love discovering new sources of inspiration and aim to make a piece depicting these exciting places.