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Creativity unravels at the 20th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition

17 June 2019

Open Group - Best of Show Award & Craftsmanship and Technology Award
Design name: “We are ONE”
Designer: Jane Li
The piece features a school of fish swimming elegantly in the sea, symbolising the power of unity.

Open Group - Best of Show Award
Design name: “Motivate”
Designer: Ko Wing-yu
The design is inspired by the significance of unity among people and how working together towards a common goal results in strength and success.

Open Group - Best of Show Award
Design name: “Enjoy”
Designer: Chu Wai-on
The blending of Chinese and Western design elements indicates harmony and cultural fusion.

Student Group - Champion
Design name: “Silk Road”
Designer: Cris Gao
The combination of the qipao collar design with elegant blue and white porcelain patterns highlight the intricacy of the Chinese culture.

Student Group - First runner-up
Design name: “Bridge”
Designer: Lam Yuet-wan
This bridge-inspired piece uses a red centre gem to signify power and solidarity.

Student Group - Second runner-up
Design name: “Satisfy”
Designer: Yeung Ling
This design signifies a pillar, which in turn alludes to global economic opportunities arising from China’s Belt and Road Initiative.


Jointly organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Jewellers’ & Goldsmiths’ Association, Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association, Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association and the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China, the Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition received close to 200 entries this year. The winning pieces highlighted the designers’ creativity under the theme “Be Connected, Be United.”