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Regal Jewelry: Masters of the craft

9 October 2019

By Christie Dang   

Metropolis Flow: Silver necklace and earrings set with Swarovski stones

Nostalgia of the Earth: Silver choker and earrings with white quartz and cubic zirconia

Willow Leaves: Silver necklace, earrings and bracelets plated in yellow and rose gold

Coral Wonder: Silver necklace and earrings with Swarovski crystals


Backed by more than 30 years of experience and expertise in jewellery production, Regal Jewelry Manufacturer Co Ltd has a team of professionals dedicated to market research, product development and sourcing.

According to company vice president Iris Lin, this team of trend experts collects information worldwide by doing online and offline research, visiting international trade fairs and working closely with designers to create styles that appeal to fashion-savvy customers. To produce pieces that meet the most stringent demands of buyers, some pieces are manufactured using innovative equipment such as 3D-printing and wax-setting machines.

Personalisation has become a buzz word in today's world of fashion and accessories. Whether a piece can represent its wearer, or if it evokes personal attachment has become unprecedently important. Thanks to technological advancement, many designs that were impossible to make in the past has become feasible. “We see a demand for more aesthetically pleasing designs, may it be sportswear, jewellery, or lifestyle products. This gives advantages to suppliers of multi-functional silver jewellery products with a touch of elegance,” noted Lin.

Regal Jewelry has a vast international clientele. “We have a wide range of products and services, and our customers range from brand jewellers to global fashion brands wanting to try new sales channels, and Instagram influencers and their own online followers,” she added. As a vertically integrated company, Regal Jewelry provides total solutions to its customers throughout the entire production pipeline.

Technological advancement

Technology plays a crucial role in today's marketplace. It turns inabilities to possibilities in the world of jewellery manufacturing and sharpens the competitiveness of producers, who in turn, can master new technologies in their businesses both horizontally and vertically. Regal Jewelry works with strategic business partners to produce items that answer customers' needs effectively.

“Advanced technology such as 3D printing enables us to reach high surface quality and raise our monthly production capacity to over 1,200 items, thus improving our market competitiveness. We apply the latest techniques throughout the process of stamping, casting, texturing and plating to ensure all pieces produced by Regal Jewelry represent the most updated market trends,” remarked Lin.

Technological advancement and product development are among the top priorities of Regal Jewelry to ensure that customers are always at the forefront of growth.

Emerging market

Everything is online nowadays, and the number of online shoppers is only going to increase continually, according to the company official. Many global fashion brands and designers, celebrities, and influencers are developing their own line of products and selling them directly to customers online. This virtual platform is a powerful emerging market that is full of positivity and room for further business development, continued Lin.