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  • Tahitian pearls and innovative designs

    The enchanting Tahitian pearl has successfully infiltrated the realm of fine jewellery, with multifunctional and innovative designs.

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  • Blending art forms

    Jewellery designer Florence Tsai combines her love of dancing with inherent wit and creativity to come up with exceptional jewellery pieces.

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  • Innovations foster growth of platinum jewellery market

    Innovative design ideas are crucial to revitalising China’s platinum jewellery market.

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  • Crossfor lauds fresh design talents

    Citing an increasing level of creativity among jewellery designers today, Crossfor Co Ltd expressed confidence that the industry will see more inspired designs moving forward.

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  • Finalists selected for JNA Jewellery Design Competition 2018/19

    The JNA Jewellery Design Competition 2018/19 has shortlisted 15 finalists on January 31. They will vie for the grand prize that includes US$2,000.

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  • JMA competition highlights vitality and creativity

    Serving as a platform to exchange creative ideas among designers, the JMA International Jewelry Design Competition has been strongly supported by the jewellery industry for 18 years. With the theme “Blossom,” winning entries in the 2018 edition highlighted innovative and state-of-the-art design concepts, giving jewellery pieces boundless vitality. The winning pieces also symbolise the continued blossoming of the jewellery sector.

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  • Alan Revere receives jewellery industry accolade

    The American Jewelry Design Council, which recognises and promotes original jewellery design as a form of art, bestowed the Benne Award for Lifetime Achievement on artist Alan Revere.

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  • Language of Love

    Make every season a season of love with delicate jewellery pieces inspired by hearts, flowers and romantic pinks by some of the world’s leading fine jewellers.

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  • Stirring the Imagination:
    One Person, One Vote -- Bling Your Ring Design Competition recently announced the winners of the “Bling Your Ring” competition, including a champion and merit awardees. The winners were picked using a unique judging process.

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  • Brides and gardens

    The quintessential garden wedding takes on a bolder yet more intimate form with diamond-encrusted jewellery pieces from this bridal jewellery collection. The pieces, inspired by flora and fauna, include cascading necklaces, and iridescent rings and earrings that transform the bride into an exquisite garden nymph.

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  • Sweet tendencies

    Chinese designer Ray Yan has long been fascinated by the balance of contrasts. Her Hard Candy brand of jewellery, launched in 2008, marries primarily gothic themes and lighthearted charm. She lets JNA in on her unique approach to design.

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  • The multiverse of Wallace Chan

    Showcase of Wallace Chan's latest designs

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  • Cartier celebrates diversity and colour

    Driven by universal curiosity, the newly launched Coloratura Collection by Cartier blends artistic components from the past and the present to come up with ultra-unique pieces.

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  • In love with colours

    Hong Kong jeweller Dewcarat Ltd is once again out to dazzle traders and connoisseurs with its eclectic collection of fine coloured gemstone jewellery pieces. Women who want to celebrate their individuality can choose from a variety of Dewcarat’s vividly coloured rings, pendants and earrings in contemporary designs.

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  • The diamond experience

    It only takes one exquisite piece of jewellery to inject a dose of sophistication into any outfit. And with diamonds, one can never go wrong. Indulge in definitive elegance with these fine jewellery pieces that push the envelope of design and craftsmanship.

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  • JNADC draws over 2,500 entries

    The JNA Jewellery Design Competition 2018/19 has attracted more than 2,500 entries during its maiden edition. Finalists are to be announced in January on the competition’s official website and social media channels.

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