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  • Modern woman: Confidence personified

    Women are finding countless ways to express themselves without boundaries. From clothes that define their character to their choice of jewellery, they are fabulously showing their independence and dynamism. Jewellery designer Sarah Zhuang’s latest collections, adorned with diamonds and coloured gemstones, are a glittering testament to female empowerment.

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  • Blue Lagoon

    Vast blue oceans and their sense of depth and mystery are evoked by these masterpieces that feature the finest blue gemstones. From sapphires, tanzanites and aquamarines to blue topaz stones, Paraiba tourmalines and blue diamonds, nature’s many shades of the hue traverse the gamut of sentiments – at once calm and collected, regal and confident, and dynamic and invigorating.

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  • Paragon of creativity

    Katia Olivucci is the force behind Italian jeweller Giovanni Ferraris’ enigmatic collections. With designs that are functional, innovative and visually pleasing, Olivucci has perfected the recipe for contemporary jewellery pieces with a timeless allure.

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  • Colours of the rainbow

    Coloured gemstones inject energy and happiness into jewellery pieces. Here are some dazzling selections destined to highlight one’s natural beauty through scintillating displays of design and craftsmanship.

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  • Connecting through DESIGN HUB

    As a prelude to its upcoming launch, DESIGN HUB organised a jewellery design contest that attracted more than 100 entries from designers and students from various countries and regions, including mainland China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jordan, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

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  • The surreal artistry of Russia

    Russian jeweller Sasonko presents an ethereal collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces that speak volumes of the country’s endearing romanticism. The jewellery pieces – embellished with diamonds and coloured gemstones – are an ode to Russian music, religion and literature.

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  • Classic meets contemporary: Italy’s RISING jewellery trends

    With unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to precision and quality, Italian jewellers are known to produce refined collections with a universal and enduring appeal. In this feature, TRENDVISION Jewellery + Forecasting examines key emerging trends in Italy’s fine jewellery scene that are seen to filter through to the global sector.

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  • Blue Paradise

    Calming yet empowering, blue is a regular fixture in the fashion and luxury world. Fine gemstones in different shades of blue meanwhile lend further credence to the colour’s enduring appeal – from elegant sapphires and palliative aquamarines to the incandescent Paraiba tourmaline.

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  • Red Rebellion

    Red’s striking hue brings to mind passionate tales of love and chivalry. In the world of fine jewellery, vivacious red gemstones likewise infuse sensuality and fervour into bespoke jewellery pieces, juxtaposed with diamonds. Behold as this splendid collection gives justice to red’s intense, enthralling reputation.

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  • JNA Jewellery Design Competition 2018/19 reveals panel of judges

    The JNA Jewellery Design Competition 2018/19 has announced its prestigious panel of judges comprising distinguished luminaries in the fields of design, jewellery and the arts.

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  • Queen of Colours

    With diamonds taking on a more traditional role in the world of fine jewellery, coloured gemstones – stunning and captivating in their own right – are injecting more zest and fire into jewellery designs. Dewcarat Ltd is leading a colourful design revolution that places rubies, emeralds, sapphires as well as peridots, natural turquoise and tanzanite stones, among other vibrant gems, into the limelight.

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  • Conch pearls: Pink and phenomenal

    The colour pink is a clear-cut allusion to things delicate and sweet. In the gemstone universe, only a handful of natural stones come to mind as impeccable illustrations of all that pink stands for – tempered, pure, ultra-feminine – and among them is the highly coveted conch pearl.

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  • Deakin & Francis: Continuing a legacy

    Founded in 1786, Deakin & Francis is England’s oldest family-owned jewellery business. Today, the company is run by the founder’s sons – James and Henry Deakin – whose inherent talents and modern approach to business are taking the brand to new heights.

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  • Majestic Wonders

    The world of gemstones is a mysterious realm waiting to be fully unravelled. Fine-quality gems adorning equally captivating jewellery pieces offer a glimpse into a universe that is ethereal and mesmerising. Rose-red rubies, regal sapphires and lush emeralds interposed with dazzling diamonds are Mother Nature’s grandiose gifts to humanity.

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  • Tiffany unveils 2018 Blue Book Collection

    Tiffany & Co’s 2018 Blue Book Collection: The Four Seasons of Tiffany is a delightful selection of daring and innovative jewellery pieces adhering to five design themes – winter, spring, summer, autumn and colour theory. The high jewellery collection draws inspiration from flora, fauna and the architectural complexity found in nature.

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  • Diamond jewellery design revelations

    From the international fashion and art scenes to social movements and celebrity culture, diamond jeweller Forevermark has identified the influences and inspirations that it believes will shape desire for diamonds this year.

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