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Issue#416, Jul 2019
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The brilliant task of investing in society

The jewellery sector is engaging in socially responsible endeavours with greater effort, following the example of global corporations. Now more than ever, a better society can be used to gauge business performance and impact in the community.

US jewellers forge new paths of growth

Amid the market’s healthy appetite for fine jewellery pieces, US-based companies are counting on new and dynamic ways to further entice buyers.

The charisma of conch pearls

The ultra-feminine conch pearl has charmed traders and collectors alike for many years. In an era that celebrates individuality and rarity, these pink gems with porcelain-like lustre, continue to gain buyers’ undivided attention.


About JNA亚洲珠宝
Published on a bi-monthly basis, JNA is a bilingual (English and Simplified Chinese) professional B2B magazine dedicated to delivering up-to-date market information on the jewellery industry around the world. With indepth reports about the jewellery industry, JNA provides true value that fosters synergies and yields business opportunities within the jewellery industry. Its features on design and its stylish showcases provide a glimpse of upcoming trends influencing the jewellery landscape.

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