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Issue#411, Nov 2018
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Glittering opportunities in new diamond markets

The impact of millennial and Gen Z consumers on the jewellery industry has become the focus of most market studies. The existence of this new consumer group has revolutionised the way companies do business and industry giant De Beers Group is no exception. In this story, De Beers CEO Bruce Cleaver shared his views on the future of the diamond trade.

Fabergé eyes expansion

The mere mention of Fabergé evokes respect and admiration in the jewellery industry, thanks to the company's pedigree and centuries-old design and manufacturing expertise. The brand however is not one to rest on its laurels. According to Antony Lindsay, managing director of Fabergé, the company continuously seeks ways to resonate with today’s consumers while preserving the classic allure of Fabergé pieces.

Jewellery and fashion: The ties that bind

While there appears to be a demarcation line between the fashion and jewellery industries, they are more often than not intertwined. According to industry experts, both sectors stand to learn from each other when it comes to new business and marketing strategies, and targeting today’s consumers.

Belgian jewellers redefine understated elegance

For centuries, Belgium has enjoyed an invaluable reputation as home to the coveted Antwerp diamonds. On the other side of the spectrum, its army of prolific fine jewellery manufacturers are also making strides, breathing new meaning to unassuming elegance. JNA talked to two Belgian jewellers whose craftsmanship and design prowess are as delicate as they are striking.


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Published on a bi-monthly basis, JNA is a bilingual (English and Simplified Chinese) professional B2B magazine dedicated to delivering up-to-date market information on the jewellery industry around the world. With indepth reports about the jewellery industry, JNA provides true value that fosters synergies and yields business opportunities within the jewellery industry. Its features on design and its stylish showcases provide a glimpse of upcoming trends influencing the jewellery landscape.

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