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Issue#413, Jan 2019
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Gem labs at the forefront of technological innovation
With modern consumers’ incessant call for transparency, traceability and responsible sourcing, gemmological laboratories are revolutionising testing methods and upgrading facilities to meet the demands of discerning
consumers. This special report highlights gem labs’ increasingly critical position in fostering consumer confidence in the gemstone trade.
Trade braces for prospects and challenges in 2019
The year 2018 proved challenging to the gemstone and jewellery industry by most accounts but it also served as a catalyst for change and opportunities. JNA talked to major players in the gemstone and jewellery industry who shared their insights on the current state of the trade.
Rio Tinto retains edge in diamond sector
Alan Chirgwin, vice president of Sales and Marketing, Copper & Diamonds at Rio Tinto, shared his growth outlook in 2019 as well as the company’s business strategies moving forward.
The ring master
Men’s rings are now a fashion phenomenon. In Paris, antique dealer Yves Gastou presented a fabulous selection of men’s rings at the L’École des Arts Joailliers. The collection traces the interesting history of this symbol of masculinity through several themes ranging from neoclassicism to chivalry, Gothic style and vanities.
Emerald Symposium casts light on responsible sourcing
Ethical sourcing, transparency and corporate social responsibility in the emerald industry were the dominant and recurrent themes of the Second World Emerald Symposium (2WES) in Bogotà, Colombia last October. The symposium also tackled issues concerning industrial and artisanal mining, geology, gemmology, origin, treatments, new technologies, and jewellery, among others.


About JNA亚洲珠宝
Published on a bi-monthly basis, JNA is a bilingual (English and Simplified Chinese) professional B2B magazine dedicated to delivering up-to-date market information on the jewellery industry around the world. With indepth reports about the jewellery industry, JNA provides true value that fosters synergies and yields business opportunities within the jewellery industry. Its features on design and its stylish showcases provide a glimpse of upcoming trends influencing the jewellery landscape.

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