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JNA Awards: Honouring innovation and tradition

24 December 2018


Since its inception in 2012, the JNA Awards has been the leading awards programme and platform for recognising and honouring companies and individuals that exemplify excellence, leadership and innovation in the jewellery industry. The awards themselves have grown to represent the best of the best in the burgeoning jewellery industry. It is a sterling reputation that was painstakingly earned through an excellent track record, meticulous selection processes and of course, deserving honourees that have been recognised year after year.

Such fine qualities are once again showcased through the Awards’ impressive roster of Honoured Partners for the 2019 edition. They are industry forerunners KGK Group and Guangdong Land Holdings Ltd (GDLAND), both of which are returning partners of the JNA Awards; and Shanghai Gems & Jade Exchange (CSGJE), which comes on board as an Honoured Partner for the first time.

KGK Group

For this returning Honoured Partner, being part of the JNA Awards always presents an opportunity to collaborate with a community that manifests excellent management, inventive approach and socially responsible strategies. The KGK Group also regards the recent years as an inspiring period – a time when it made exemplary developments, strategic investments, technological advancements and upgraded its vertically integrated portfolio, which has now spread from mines to brands.

A true mover and shaker since it was founded, the group has always played a pivotal role in the overall growth and development of trends that have remarkably unfolded in the gems and jewellery industry over the last three decades.

KGK is one of the few industry leaders that have always remained consistent in its expansion in an industry that has witnessed substantial growth through time. This Honoured Partner has also proven itself invincible across national and international platforms, and has time and again topped the charts of the JNA Awards.

Armed with the outlook that “change is the only constant thing in the business,” KGK believes in setting the bar higher and raising its level of performance with each passing year.

As an Honoured Partner of JNA Awards 2019, KGK plans to reinforce the same philosophy and follow the same path in order to widen its global footprint. It also aims to further strengthen its core objective, which is not only to augment the business, but also to continue creating customer-driven products that are developed according to the latest trends, and the evolving tastes and preferences of its patrons.

“Our spirit for conquering new territories, reaching potential clients, diversifying our assets and investing in opportunities has enabled us to gain a competitive edge for inclusive growth. While we diligently keep moving ahead, we strongly believe that KGK and the JNA Awards will always share the same level of harmony and excellence in the coming years,” concluded the KGK Group.

Shanghai Gems & Jade Exchange

Established in 2014, CSGJE aims to grow its international influence by adhering to the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. It also aims to build a service platform for the public, where an open trading environment is created for gems and jade. Furthermore, the organisation intends to accomplish this by employing technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), the Internet, blockchain and big data.

A true innovator, CSGJE also intends to provide logistics services for trade regulation and to add transparency to the whole process so that enterprises are able to trade openly, fight smuggling, and regulate information for customs clearance.

The JNA Awards Honoured Partner has also taken the initiative to meet the strategic requirements of the “One Belt, One Road” campaign and the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Following new policies developed by Shanghai, which include the creation of special customs supervision zones, major border crossing and a public jewellery bonded warehouse; and the national government’s lead in the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, CSGJE has already built a network of collaborations with more than 20 gemstone origin countries.

Through “One Belt, One Road,” the company also became one of the organisers of the Diamond and Gems Theme Pavilion and the Gems and Jewellery Executive Summit of ASEAN plus 12 additional countries at the inaugural China International Import Expo.

CSGJE will continue its hard work in order to help strengthen the role of Shanghai in the international trading community. It will create a smart gemstone supply chain to put China’s jewellery industry more prominently on the global map. The company also vows to exert more effort in developing innovative technology, as well as in contributing to the transformation, upgrading and globalisation of China’s jewellery industry.

Guangdong Land Holdings Ltd

Zhao Chunxiao, CEO of GDLAND, said that serving as an Honoured Partner of the JNA Awards for the sixth consecutive year is a privilege.

“The JNA Awards has greatly contributed to further propelling the development of the jewellery industry. It has gained a good reputation within the industry. GDLAND hopes to promote industry innovation and prosperity hand in hand with the JNA Awards in 2019,” she added.

GDLAND is an indirect subsidiary of GDH Ltd, the largest conglomerate of the Guangdong Province that operates outside of China. With the company’s headquarters located in Hong Kong, GDLAND is also listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The company’s flagship initiative, the “Buxin Project” in Shenzhen, is positioned as a “multi-functional commercial complex with jewellery as its main theme.” The structure is being built to provide a diverse array of functions including office buildings, a shopping mall, business apartments and an industrial heritage cultural site, in proximity to a unique natural landscape.

In 2018, the “Buxin Project” has made remarkable progress with its first phase products, the commercial apartments and pre-selling of the SOHO office. Furthermore, the second phase products, which include office buildings and a shopping mall that began construction in 2018, is scheduled for completion in 2023.