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  • Belpearl Auctions: Connecting the pearl business to global markets

    Belpearl Auctions has grown rapidly since its first auction in 2013, successfully connecting independent producers of golden, black and white South Sea pearls to the global market place through its eponymous auctions in Hong Kong. Michael Hajjar, the company’s director of business development, shared his industry insights and business prospects.

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  • Myanmar gains traction in South Sea pearl sector

    JNA talks to two of Myanmar’s leading pearl farms to highlight the rising significance of the country’s golden South Sea pearls in the trade.

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  • Lukfook’s Nancy Wong: Self-driven with a clear vision

    Recognised for her passion and vision, Luk Fook Holdings (International) Ltd’s executive director and deputy CEO Nancy Wong was recently named an honouree under JNA Awards’ Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Age 40 and below) category. In this exclusive interview with JNA, Wong shares her journey as the force behind one of the industry's biggest jewellery retailers.

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  • Myanmar finds footing in global pearl sector

    Myanmar has steadily been building its reputation in the international pearl industry, thanks to various initiatives aimed at promoting Myanmar’s pearls to worldwide buyers.

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  • Acceleration and Transformation.
    PGI® Hosted 2019 Platinum Jewellery Business Forum in Shenzhen
    To Create “Second Wave” Growth
    for Platinum Jewellery Market in China.

    Leaders of the platinum jewellery industry gathered in Shenzhen to attend Platinum Guild International (PGI®)’s two-day 2019 Platinum Jewellery Business Forum to discuss pressing issues crucial to the future development of the platinum jewellery market in China, included branding, marketing, innovation and design trends, with the aim of bringing more innovations to the platinum jewellery market to create “second wave” growth for platinum jewellery market in China.

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  • Fine pearls make waves at Belpearl’s Pearl Auction Center

    Pearl traders gravitate towards top-quality South Sea pearls at Belpearl’s latest auction in Hong Kong.

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  • Paspaley celebrates decades of pearling expertise

    Paspaley Pearling Company operates on the tenets of ethical business practices, innovation and relationship building. In an era of modernisation, the company banks on sound business practices for long-term growth.

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  • Rio Pearl sees strong demand for high-end pearls

    Pearls of superior quality were highly sought after at Rio Pearl’s latest Hong Kong auction despite market difficulties.

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  • DANAT eyes global recognition as premier gem lab

    Established by the Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company in July 2017, the Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones (DANAT) aims to become the world’s preferred institute for gemstones and natural pearl third-party verification services.

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  • Thailand: gem marketplace

    Gemstones are a star performer in Thailand’s industry repertoire, with the country building a formidable reputation over the years as the preeminent producer of coloured stones, particularly corundum.

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  • The golden age of pearls

    Pearls are at the centre of innovative design movements more so today than ever before, with the industry’s most prolific manufacturers constantly upgrading jewellery designs to highlight the organic gems’ extraordinary versatility.

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  • Growth opportunities from ASEAN Markets

    Gemstone and jewellery companies are banking on emerging markets as a new source of business in the face of macroeconomic uncertainties.

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  • Thailand: centre of excellence

    Rich traditions have established Thailand as a world-class gem and jewellery manufacturing hub. Thanks to its resilience and perseverance, the country has successfully maintained its top market position.

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  • Employing neuromarketing techniques in today’s business world

    Was your most recent purchase borne out of a rational choice or are you convinced that influencers have no effect on consumer behaviour? If your answer is yes, the latest research on buyers’ decision-making process may suggest otherwise. Influencing buyers as social-emotional creatures is the new marketing approach. Here is what you need to know.

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  • Turkish jewellers stand their ground amid
    global challenges

    Turkey’s jewellery industry is on the verge of change. Faced with unprecedented hurdles, businesses are diversifying products and expanding markets more aggressively than ever to keep their competitive edge.

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  • Gemstone sector grows from strength to strength

    The love for coloured gemstones dates to centuries ago when royal families and connoisseurs from around the globe collected these natural treasures. Over the decades, the value of natural coloured gemstones continued to appreciate, with exceptional gems breaking record prices at auctions. According to a study by Knight Frank, coloured gems have outperformed other luxury products in terms of prices, including diamonds and the wider jewellery market. JNA talked to auction experts and major gemstone suppliers about growth prospects in the market.

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