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  • Van Cleef & Arpels: Rich history, glorious future

    French jewellery house Van Cleef & Arpels is known for its iconic collections and high-quality craftsmanship. JNA spoke with Van Cleef CEO Nicolas Bos about the company’s competitive advantages and its thriving business model.

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  • PGI® hosts 2018 China platinum jewellery forum Industry leaders gather to discuss future of platinum

    Top platinum industry leaders, innovators, experts and partners discussed the latest developments, challenges and opportunities in the Chinese platinum market at the Platinum Guild International (PGI®) China Platinum Jewellery Forum held in Shenzhen in December 2018. Forum participants also identified potential drivers of growth.

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  • Belpearl highlights traceability in pearl trade

    Belpearl Auctions reinforces its role as a reliable source of top-quality pearls in Hong Kong as it underscores the importance of transparency in doing business.

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  • Aquaprase and variscite: New gem options

    Two relatively new gemstones have been making the rounds in the global gem and jewellery community, offering buyers variety and an opportunity to market unique, gem-centric jewellery pieces.

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  • Digitalisation in the gemstone world

    German gemstone trader Paul Wild aims to fortify its digital presence in 2019 as a way to engage more effectively with an increasingly tech-savvy market.

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  • Caryl Capeci: Blazing trails in the diamond market

    Hearts On Fire President Caryl Capeci sits down with JNA to talk about combatting challenges in the ever-evolving diamond jewellery industry, the company’s role in promoting women empowerment and offering products that resonate with today’s forward-looking consumers.

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  • Gemfields ushers in new era for gemstone trade

    Gemfields is setting the pace for coloured gemstone professionals with its sustainability-focused business model aimed at fostering transparency and ensuring seamless trade.

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  • A thousand turns in Mogok: A gem expedition

    A team of 40 gemmologists and gem traders, led by gemmologist Kennedy Ho, ventured into a field expedition in Mogok, Myanmar – a legendary source of the world’s most sought-after rubies and sapphires. It was an adventure, thanks to the potentially perilous one thousand or so turns on the snaky mountain roads to Mogok. A pilgrimage for gemmologists, the trip was also a humbling experience: Discovering the history of and mining difficulties in Mogok while understanding its future, and getting to know the hidden treasure behind the gems – the people of Mogok.

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  • Breathing new life into jewellery

    The digital age has ushered in new business models, including the so-called ‘sharing economy’ system. The success stories of Uber and Airbnb in this arena are particularly inspiring. With the Asian market for pre-owned jewellery and watches booming in recent years, jewellery recycling companies from Europe and the US have commenced operations in Hong Kong and local jewellers are tapping into this market by establishing business platforms based on the ideas of sharing and recycling.

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  • DPA campaign advances in key markets

    The Diamond Producers Association takes stock of an ongoing marketing campaign that aims to revolutionise the diamond buying experience – a unique retail strategy targeted at today’s discerning consumers.

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  • Bejewelled designs entice young fashion talents

    Using materials from different sources can inject unique creative ideas into product designs. This culture of collaboration is inevitable, particularly in industries constantly looking for new ideas to excite their customers, the jewellery and fashion sectors included. The vast usage of digital platforms has also made communication easier these days while the line separating fashion and jewellery has become blurred as consumers aim for a total look to make a statement.

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  • Creating Win-Win situations

    As a pearl trading hub, Hong Kong hosts numerous pearl auctions every year. In November 2018 alone, a string of pearl auctions was held in the city, top-billed by the Rio Pearl auction. The sale offered 465 lots including South Sea pearls from Australia and Indonesia, golden South Sea pearls from Myanmar as well as Tahitian pearls. Of the 198,410 pearls placed on the auction block, 85 percent was sold, generating US$3.08 million.

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  • The Ring Master

    Men’s rings are now a fashion phenomenon. In Paris, antique dealer Yves Gastou presented a fabulous selection of men’s rings at the L’École des Arts Joailliers. The collection traces the interesting history of this symbol of masculinity through several themes ranging from neo-classicism to chivalry, Gothic style and vanities.

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  • Rio Tinto retains edge in diamond sector

    Australian diamond miner Rio Tinto is looking at a bright future with plans to further strengthen existing operations and embark on exploration projects.

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  • Emerald symposium - casts spotlight on responsible sourcing

    The Second World Emerald Symposium (2WES) took place in Bogotà, Colombia last October – three years after the successful First World Emerald Symposium – with an overwhelmingly positive response from participants.

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  • Trade braces for prospects and challenges in 2019

    The year 2018 proved challenging to the gemstone and jewellery industry by most accounts but it also served as a catalyst for change and opportunities.

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