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Chia Ta’s bejewelled treasures

21 September 2018

By Christie Dang   

Yu Chung-ta, founder and president of Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd


To Yu Chung-ta, founder and president of Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd, hunting for precious and rare gemstones from around the world is more than just business – it’s a passion. Inside Yu’s treasure trove are exquisite pieces with breathtaking craftsmanship, masterpieces to delight collectors and connoisseurs.

Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd, renowned for its top-quality jadeite jewels, has been in the business of high-end jewellery for more than three decades. Its owner, Yu Chung-ta, is extremely experienced and adept at weathering the storms brought about by market shifts and economic turmoil.

With the global economy entering the new normal, the jewellery industry has seen a sea change in recent years, he noted. Jewellers should however not lose sight of their vision and must remain committed to upholding exacting standards for their products and services. Challenges notwithstanding, growth is still possible so long as they keep track of the latest trends and make the right decisions at the right time, according to Yu.

Providing high-quality products and services has always been a top priority for Chia Ta Jewellery. Founded by Yu in 1985, the company now has boutiques throughout Greater China, with the second generation of the family joining the business. With its latest store opening in Dalian, Chia Ta Jewellery’s reach has extended to the northern China market outside Beijing.

Yu believes demand is always strong for natural, top-quality gemstones as these are hard to come by. “The jewellery industry as a whole has not been left unscathed by the global economic downturn and the volatility of stock markets around the world. But the last few years have also seen rare gemstones and jewels fetch record-breaking prices at auctions again and again, indicating that high-end jewellery continues to thrive despite economic uncertainties,” he said.

Colourful wonders

While predominantly known for its stable supply of premium jadeites, Chia Ta Jewellery also provides a large selection of fine jewels crafted with coloured gemstones, including emeralds, unheated rubies and royal blue sapphires.

“Icy jade” (jadeite of exceptional translucency) is increasingly being sought after, especially among Western customers. Many of them were first introduced to jadeite through “icy jade” and have become fascinated by the gem ever since. In Chia Ta Jewellery’s collections, “icy jade” is combined with pink sapphires and fancy colour diamonds to produce trendy pieces that cater to younger customers.

Several connoisseurs of fine jadeites have also become avid collectors of other gemstones due to their popularity at auctions around the world in recent years, Yu remarked. These collectors are very discerning though. “Only natural gemstones of the highest quality, which can prove to be good investments, would appeal to this group of buyers,” he added.

Jadeite in style

High-end jadeite jewels are not just valuables to be kept in a safe. They are also fashionable and wearable creations as well as sensible investments, Yu said.

The jeweller takes great pains to study every precious gemstone he acquires in order to come up with the finest design that brings out its best qualities and increases its value tremendously.

A case in point is one of Chia Ta Jewellery’s masterpieces, a splendid necklace in 18-karat gold with rubies and violet jadeites of exceptional texture and clarity that, along with its matching ring and earrings, allows the wearer to make a bold fashion statement.