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PGI® and Lukfook unveil Baby Darling Platinum Collection

15 July 2019

PGI® is proud to announce the launch of Baby Darling, a brand new platinum jewellery collection in collaboration with Lukfook. The collection, which celebrates mothers’ endless joy and dedication with platinum’s eternal shine, is highly favoured by celebrity moms from China.

Baby Darling Platinum Collection

Baby Darling Platinum Collection

Baby Darling Platinum Collection


The transition from wife to mother, signified by the birth of a child, is a milestone in a woman’s life and marks the start of a new chapter in the family. Nothing speaks better to the pure, unrivalled joy of bringing a new life into the world than platinum’s clean, brilliant sparkle.

Expecting mothers will find platinum jewellery the friendliest choice for celebrating their pregnancy and complementing their prenatal glow since platinum is prized for its durability, purity and hypoallergenic qualities. New fathers will find platinum the most reliable choice for expressing a lifetime of solid support and devotion to their family. Platinum is also the perfect baby keepsake – its glitter able to withstand the test of time, symbolising everlasting memories of parental love.

Baby Darling Platinum Collection

The Baby Darling Platinum Collection was jointly developed by PGI® and Lukfook. Crafted with Pt950 platinum, the collection is designed in appreciation of motherhood, new life and family love. The dazzle of high-purity platinum perfectly complements an expecting mother’s natural glow and instantly makes her feel special. Platinum’s endurance and hypoallergenic properties make it a worry-free choice for health-conscious new mothers. Each piece embodies a fun, child-themed design and consists of a smaller pendant encircled by a larger loop as homage to parents’ all-encompassing love for a child. New mothers can mix and match the pendants and loops for a look that best represents their beloved newborn.

New celebrity moms endorse the Baby Darling Platinum Collection

A number of new celebrity moms have embraced the dazzling Baby Darling Platinum Collection. Actress Chen Ran is wearing platinum to add extra glitter to her widely followed pregnancy; choosing platinum specifically for its hypoallergenic quality. Actress Ying Er and husband Fu Xinbo, one of China’s cutest celebrity couples, express their boundless love for their infant daughter with the Baby Darling Collection. Singer Yumiko Cheng, who usually prefers to keep personal relationships away from the spotlight, has chosen the sparkle of platinum to speak her pride and hopes for her precious toddler daughter.

Platinum is the perfect witness to a mother’s everlasting love and the arrival of a new life. The Baby Darling Platinum Collection celebrates every mother’s joys and devotion. Find the Baby Darling Platinum Collection at any Lukfook location near you, or search for寶貝親愛 (Baby Darling) in Lukfook’s official Tmall store to bring home the pieces you love.