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  • Dedication TO craftsmanship

    In all its luxurious fine jewellery pieces, from the classically elegant to the refreshingly modern, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen melds exquisite details and superior craftsmanship. Graceful and natural designs are the signature of this jewellery brand, a favourite of the Danish royal family. To Charlotte Lynggaard, creative director and the daughter of the brand’s founder, jewellery has to be eye-catching, expressive and impressive. She shares her creative process in an interview with JNA.

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  • Diamonds for the modern woman

    Women's standing in society is evolving due to new relationship dynamics, female consumers'  increased spending power and the redefinition of femininity. These fundamental shifts yield new opportunities for the diamond jewellery sector, according to De Beers' Diamond Insight Report 2017.

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  • Rio Pearl: In a league of its own

    Pearl specialist Rio Pearl has stayed ahead of the game for many years largely due to its unwavering dedication to hard work and innovation. The company has successfully integrated its wholesale business with pearl production over the years, with pearl auctions in Hong Kong now comprising majority of its operations.

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  • PNJ: Vanguard of success in Asian jewellery sector

    Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Co (PNJ) of Vietnam is further solidifying Asian jewellers’ status in the global jewellery world, thanks to its business expertise and impressive product portfolio. With unrelenting growth, the company continues to make inroads in the industry through new collections and a stronger retail footprint.

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  • Crossfor: Breaking boundaries in innovation and design

    After successfully introducing the phenomenal “Dancing Stone” technology to the global market, Crossfor is laying the groundwork for further expansion and growth. It has since been listed on the Jasdaq Standard – a move that is seen to cement the company’s reputation as a market mover and trailblazer in the fine jewellery business.

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  • JAPAN fortifies role in global jewellery sector

    Renowned for its dedication to precision and quality, Japan has become one of the world’s most prolific manufacturers of pearls and finished jewellery. It has also maintained leadership in the diamond jewellery sector over the years. Moving forward, Japan is building momentum for the Japanese Akoya pearl as a true symbol of the country’s propensity for artistry and innovation.

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  • Pino Aliprandini breaks new ground in electroplating

    Pino Aliprandini’s Orbit 1 machine is arguably the first desktop electroplater to be fully controlled by a mobile app. The machine will be made available through a crowdfunding campaign in November.

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  • World’s first 3D-printed gold and platinum jewellery collection unveiled

    3D printing continues to change the landscape of modern jewellery manufacturing. The unique partnership between Austrian jewellery atelier Boltenstern and UK-based jewellery equipment supplier Cooksongold gives the industry a glimpse into the future of an alternative, state-of-the-art jewellery production.

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  • Diamonds in the sun

    As the market gears up for business after its traditional summer slowdown, New York’s diamond trade asserts its vital role in the international diamond industry.

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  • Brazilian emeralds: Rising star in the gemstone world

    Emeralds from Brazil are steadily gathering steam in the universe of fine gemstones, driving robust demand from major global markets.

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  • Ruans: Forging ahead with new growth initiatives

    Renowned Zhejiang-based pearl jeweller Ruans has been making inroads in the high-end jewellery retail market in recent years. On top of its business in mainland China, the brand is also revamping its wholesale operations in Hong Kong and participating once again in jewellery exhibitions. In many ways, Ruans’ journey of the last 30 years mirrors the development of China’s pearl industry.

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  • Sapphirus explores the mystic world of sapphires

    Sri Lankan gemstone specialist Sapphirus is forging its own path in the global trade by offering top-range sapphires in innovative and traditional cuts.

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  • Thomas Sabo’s growth aspirations

    Luxury silver jewellery brand Thomas Sabo is looking east for expansion and design inspiration. It also reaffirms its relevance in an ever-changing market by celebrating milestones and charting new directions.

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  • Identifying new Kashmir-type sapphires from Madagascar

    GRS GemResearch Swisslab AG highlights the significance of distinguishing a new type of sapphires from Madagascar from their Kashmir counterparts to ensure transparency in the market.  

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  • Opal obsession

    Emil Weis offers gemstone dealers and collectors a glimpse into the surreal world of opals, dominated by the deepest blues and greens, or blazing hues of reds and oranges.  

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  • Mastering the Art of Jewellery

    Quality and craftsmanship are the pillars of fine jewellery brands. As consumer knowledge and expectations grow, jewellers are increasingly showcasing the artistry and skills that go into their masterpieces. Renowned brands Van Cleef & Arpels and Tiffany & Co both recently held educational initiatives in Hong Kong to share their expertise with jewellery aficionados.

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