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  • Employing neuromarketing techniques in today’s business world

    Was your most recent purchase borne out of a rational choice or are you convinced that influencers have no effect on consumer behaviour? If your answer is yes, the latest research on buyers’ decision-making process may suggest otherwise. Influencing buyers as social-emotional creatures is the new marketing approach. Here is what you need to know.

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  • Turkish jewellers stand their ground amid
    global challenges

    Turkey’s jewellery industry is on the verge of change. Faced with unprecedented hurdles, businesses are diversifying products and expanding markets more aggressively than ever to keep their competitive edge.

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  • Gemstone sector grows from strength to strength

    The love for coloured gemstones dates to centuries ago when royal families and connoisseurs from around the globe collected these natural treasures. Over the decades, the value of natural coloured gemstones continued to appreciate, with exceptional gems breaking record prices at auctions. According to a study by Knight Frank, coloured gems have outperformed other luxury products in terms of prices, including diamonds and the wider jewellery market. JNA talked to auction experts and major gemstone suppliers about growth prospects in the market.

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  • ICA | GemLab ushers in digitalised trade

    Established in 2017, ICA | GemLab has taken tremendous steps to modernise the gemstone sector. This September, the company is unveiling an advanced app that can change the way gem traders do business.

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  • Belpearl opens dedicated centre for South Sea pearl auctions

    A curated selection of South Sea pearls from major producers is set to delight buyers at Belpearl Auctions (HK) Ltd’s September sale.

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  • The Gems of Chanthaburi

    Chanthaburi’s sparkling reputation as Thailand’s most prominent gemstone-cutting, treatment and trading hub supports new initiatives that reinforce the province’s status as the city of gems.

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  • Modernising the diamond experience

    Diamond manufacturer Hini Star Ltd introduces three innovative diamond cuts that reflect the modern consumer’s penchant for unmatched beauty and individuality.

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  • Glowing opportunities in the coloured gem sector

    Business prospects abound in the coloured gemstone industry, thanks to sustained consumer interest in classic favourites such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds, as well as promising new gem choices.

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  • Acceleration and Transformation

    PGI® co-hosts the 2019 PAC meeting with industry leaders for the future of China's platinum jewellery market

    PGI® co-presented the 2019 Platinum Advisory Council Meeting with leading brands, distributors and retailers in the platinum jewellery industry for in-depth discussions on PGI's China strategy, as well as topics around branding, marketing and trends.

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  • BLAZING A TRAIL of brilliance and creativity

    Fenix Diamonds is harnessing the power of design, innovation and marketing to stand out in the lab-grown diamond field. The US-based company was born from the desire to deliver affordable, ethical and sustainable lab-grown diamonds to a new generation of consumers for whom trust and integrity are as valuable as the diamond itself. Its story started in 2018 with the opening of a substantial and state-of-the-art growing facility in India that could deliver a consistent supply of CVD diamonds in a variety of commercial and superior qualities, shapes, sizes and colours.

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  • Global silver demand up in 2018

    Global silver demand rose 4 percent in 2018, fueled by investment demand and rising jewellery and silverware offtake, the World Silver Survey 2019 said.

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  • Venus Jewel’s 50 years of excellence

    The year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of world-renowned diamond specialist Venus Jewel. Founding partner Ramniklal Shah said the company is ready to march into a new chapter of evolution.

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  • Trade war highlights relevance of HK jewellers

    The US-China trade war started when the US imposed a 25 percent tariff on US$34 billion worth of Chinese imports in July 2018. Having lasted for over a year since, the trade conflict between the world’s two largest economies have negatively affected the global economy and trade development. According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, uncertainties brought about by the trade war could lead to a global recession.

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  • US-China trade row: Testing the mettle of jewellers

    Opinions vary among gem and jewellery industry players on the effects of the US-China trade dispute. Some companies downplayed its significance on the business while others called for reforms to support inroads in other markets.

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  • Alrosa’s colorful world

    For every 10,000 gem-quality diamonds, only one natural fancy color diamond is found. The most valued among these rare treasures are pinks and blues, while yellow and brown are the prevailing hues. Moreover, deep and intense colors are very popular in the market today.

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  • GJEPC celebrates Indian jewellery artistry

    The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council remains steadfast in bringing India’s jewellery design prowess to the international stage by adopting the latest technologies and focusing on global marketing and promotions.

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