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  • DANAT: A gemmological powerhouse

    The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) successfully trumpeted its arrival in the gemmological world with its broad range of authentication and verification services for pearls, gemstones and finished jewellery.

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  • Van Gelder’s Indian inspiration

    The Netherlands-based Van Gelder Jewellery was born out of passion – a classic case of love at first sight for founder Bernadette van Gelder. Today, the company stands as one of the major collectors and traders of traditional Indian jewellery worldwide.

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  • Italian jewellers: Doing business in modern times

    Italy’s jewellery manufacturing prowess and inimitable artistry have continuously placed its jewellers in the international limelight. Amid an ever-changing global business landscape, Italian manufacturers are once again banking on their strong heritage and business flexibility to promote growth.

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  • Young Consumers, Bridal and Self-Purchasing Expected to Drive 2018
    Platinum Jewellery Market

    Platinum Guild International’s latest jewellery business review reveals fascinating developments as well as growth opportunities in the platinum jewellery sector.

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  • Taiwan Fair to highlight modern jewellery designs

    Contemporary jewellery designs will be among the highlights of the 2018 edition of the Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair when it opens on November 2 at the Taipei World Trade Centre.

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  • GIA symposium to highlight latest gem research

    The latest gemmological findings by industry leaders and researchers are taking centre stage at the 2018 Gemological Institute of America (GIA) symposium, scheduled for October 7 to 9 in Carlsbad, California.

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  • PGI® kicks off jewellery design campaign in China

    The Platinum Guild International (PGI®) successfully launched its “Dandelion Collection” campaign in December 2017. The dandelion-themed design competition was aimed at promoting platinum as the symbol of eternal love.

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  • Smart retailing: The future of jewellery business

    Technological advancements are changing the way today’s retailers do business. In the jewellery sector, retailers are doubling efforts to give their clients not only top-quality products but also the best shopping experience through modern marketing and business strategies.

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  • Alrosa eyes stronger presence in China

    Citing China’s solid demand for diamond jewellery and its thriving retail business, Russian diamond mining giant Alrosa is setting its sights on this emerging market.

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  • Titanium artistry

    While the precious metal triumvirate of platinum, gold and silver has long ruled the fine jewellery scene, titanium is coming into its own as a fresh and contemporary alternative. Jewellery brands and designers are increasingly recognising the metal’s suitability for artistic pieces given its lighter weight and high durability.

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  • Belpearl sees solid appetite for golden pearls

    Belpearl Auctions (HK) Ltd is maintaining a resplendent outlook for the loose pearls sector with golden South Sea pearls leading the growth, fuelled by sturdy demand from Asian buyers.

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  • Millennials reshaping the bridal jewellery sector

    Millennials and their predisposition to redefine social conventions are changing the way companies market bridal jewellery. Placing greater importance on experience and personal preference, this generation of tech-savvy, highly expressive individuals buy what they want, the way they want it – engagement rings included.

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  • Blockchain: Digital trail of diamonds

    By creating tamper-proof, permanent digital records for diamonds, blockchain technology could potentially transform the diamond industry by creating new efficiencies in the value chain and addressing consumer concerns over transparency, responsible sourcing and trust.

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  • Unveiling the source

    Information is now readily accessible, a far cry from centuries or even just decades ago when the Internet and mobile phones were beyond imagination. Consumers nowadays can get almost all the information they want in a split second – well, depending on the speed of the Wifi they’re on – but still, nothing is more than a click away.

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  • Isabelle Langlois: Charmed by colours

    French jewellery designer Isabelle Langlois is a paragon of creative freedom. An artist at heart and a perfectionist by profession, she designs jewellery pieces for strong-willed women. Using her innate talents, Langlois recreates a universe of colours and sublime fascination.

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  • Star quality: The sparkle of celebrity marketing

    One of the surefire ways of tapping into a wide range of clientele – be it in the jewellery industry or any other luxury sector – is having a trusted, well-loved and admired celebrity to help market the product. JNA sits down with two celebrity marketing experts who talk about the value and effectiveness of such a marketing tactic.

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JNA Show Daily | Day 2 - June 21, 2019