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  • Formica bolsters position in synthetic gems sector

    Thailand-based Formica (Th) Co Ltd takes its synthetic gemstone expertise to the next level by rebranding its signature product as Siamite, a composite material combining glass with nanocrystals to achieve a resplendent colour and brightness vastly similar to gemstones.

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  • PAUL WILD: A colourful journey

    Paul Wild OHG of Germany celebrated its 90th founding anniversary in 2017. Armed with decades of expertise and business acumen, the coloured gemstone specialist is locking its sights on continued product innovation while sustaining its manufacturing strength in the global gemstone scene.

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  • Spinel’s RISE to prominence

    An underrated gemstone for many years, spinel is gradually but surely securing an important spot in the gemstone and jewellery universe, thanks to growing market interest. Citing the stone’s scintillating colours, hardness and competitive price, gemstone dealers are maintaining a positive outlook for spinel moving forward.

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  • Gübelin: House of opulence

    World-renowned brand Gübelin reinforces its irrefutable influence in today’s gemstone and jewellery industry through continuous developments in the gemmological, education, and jewellery design and manufacturing fronts.

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  • Changing the diamond narrative

    The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) is out to update the reality of diamonds in the minds of consumers through its ‘Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond.’ communications platform.

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  • Blogging for business: Everything you need to know

    To blog or not to blog, that is the question. While content marketing has become increasingly more important and creative, one particular marketing channel stands out as having a huge potential: The blogosphere. Amid an ever-changing business landscape in the jewellery sector, blogging could become a viable marketing strategy for jewellery industry players.

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  • Israel diamond industry gears up for growth

    The Israeli diamond industry is on the verge of a new era. Buoyed by growing demand, government support and innovative initiatives, it is setting the stage for inclusive and sustainable growth while affirming its international status as the leading manufacturing centre for larger, more valuable diamonds.

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  • A girl’s best friend

    Maybe you’ve been told that a girl’s best friend has gone from diamonds to… well, something else. As a woman, I can pretty much assure you that, if you asked me who my best friend is, I’d be hard pressed to give you a definite answer because, just like anything else in this world, we, women, change!

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  • Brand Watch: Luxurious revelations

    As the curtain falls on BaselWorld 2018, the world of luxury jewellery and timepieces is enriched by fascinatingly lavish yet wearable releases from leading brands.

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  • Reviving Beihai’s Chinese Akoya pearl industry

    The PRC government-led Beibu Gulf Cities Development Project helped bring the city of Beihai in Guangxi to new heights through a number of dynamic changes. These developments are all hinged upon Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Maritime Silk Road initiative, which could pave the way for the revival of the city’s Chinese Akoya pearl sector.

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  • Virtual reality of diamonds

    Digital platforms are growing in significance for diamond manufacturers as technological advances and greater client confidence bolster online sales of diamonds. Apart from e-commerce opportunities, digital tools also enable suppliers to offer experiential services, from the virtual inspection of stones to tracing a diamond’s distinctive journey from mine to market.

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  • Hong Kong makes waves in auction market

    Hong Kong’s auction market has been flourishing in recent years, attracting both Chinese and international auction houses. The industry boom ended the monopoly by traditional established players, with the Hong Kong scene diversifying to open up new markets for jewellery auctions.

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  • The golden PATH

    Turkish fine jeweller Roberto Bravo has braved many odds over the years to build a brand that constantly delivers unparalleled product quality and a unique customer experience. At the heart of its operations are gold jewellery pieces in contemporary designs that tell stories of nature, art and humanity.

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  • Rainbow of demand for fancy colour diamonds

    Demand for fancy colour diamonds is reaching new heights. The gems’ impressive turn at recent auctions underscores their significance for asset preservation among investors and jewellery connoisseurs while convincing affluent consumers of their appeal. Further opportunities abound as lighter-coloured, smaller and more commercial goods increasingly fill different niches in the market.

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  • Stand out • Step up

    Winning the favour of celebrities and Hollywood elites, Stefere has grown in popularity in Europe and the US in the last few years. Capitalising on the momentum, the fast-growing French jewellery brand is expanding its presence in high-end department stores worldwide instead of opening mono-brand boutiques.

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  • Bulgari and the art of fine jewellery making

    Luxury brand Bulgari embraces its destiny in the modern world as a legendary jewellery house and a staunch supporter of the arts and humanitarian causes.

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