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Eloquent Elegance

22 June 2018

Tahitian pearl rings by Tai Woo Pearl (Hong Kong) Co Ltd

Pearl necklace by Colpo & Zilio Spa

Tahitian pearl pendant by Shenzhen Matis Jewelry Co Ltd

Pearl ring by Arcadia Jewellery – Man Sang Group

Golden South Sea pearl earrings by Pearl Queen Hong Kong Ltd

Tahitian pearl jewellery set by Rio Pearl

18-karat gold ring with a South Sea pearl centre gem and ruby accents by Dewcarat Ltd

Pearl necklace by Tai Hai Yang Ltd


Pearls are treasured for their incredible array of iridescent colours and lustre. Adapting easily  to  both  classic  and  modern  jewellery  designs,  these  wondrous  gems  never  fail to  exude finesse and charm.