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Dirgh Diamond’s world of glitter

12 September 2018

A radiant inventory of diamonds in a multitude of shapes and sizes from Dirgh Diamond (HK) Ltd is catching buyers’ attention at this year’s September Hong Kong Fair.

Polished diamonds

Round diamond

Pink diamond ring


The company offers Gemological Institute of America (GIA)-graded stones exceeding one carat in all colours, cuts, clarity and shapes. Among the highlights are GIA-stones of more than a carat in D to K colours, with focus on precise-cut diamonds.

It also has diamonds of 3-Excellent grading, with “None,” “Faint” and “Medium” fluorescence.

The diamond specialist is likewise offering superior-grade fancy colour diamonds in blue, pink, green, intense green, greenish blue and vivid yellow; as well as mix-parcel goods in fancy colours.

Dirgh Diamond said it is, for the first time, showcasing stones from top to bottom sizes, including smaller-sized stones.

“Current market trends indicate strong demand for diamonds in FH colour with 3-Excellent grading and fluorescence of ‘None.’ We therefore have abundant stocks of such stones at the show to meet client preferences,” noted the company. “Our main focus is fulfilling clients’ requests for highly sought-after categories of diamonds. Our USP (unique selling proposition) is we want to meet their emotional needs. We likewise offer unmatched customer service and reliable delivery of products.”

Dirgh Diamond intends to tap buyers from the US, Hong Kong, China, Israel, Korea, Japan and Thailand.