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Alluring Greens

12 September 2018

Gemstone and diamond bangle
by La Marquise

Jewellery set with emeralds and diamonds by Luca Carati Srl

A 7.09-carat tourmaline from Kreis Jewellery GmbH & Co KG

Earrings by Goldlip Ltd Part

Coloured gemstone necklace with a jadeite centre stone by Shanghai Laofengxiang
Co Ltd

Full-finger ring by Goldiaq Creation Ltd

Emerald ring with diamonds
by Oriental Gemco HK Co

Platinum ring with a 10.21-carat emerald flanked by diamonds by Kiai Co Ltd

Marco & Maria (catwalker /


Green, the colour of life, brings to mind sensations of nature, harmony, freshness and energy. In the fine jewellery world, green gems such as emeralds and jadeite heighten the glamour and sophistication.