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Diamond dealer enhances portfolio

13 September 2018

Rinky Gems Co Ltd is expanding its product portfolio to include more Gemological Institute of America-graded diamonds of 3 carats and up as well as fancy-shaped diamonds. It is also providing worldwide shipping services to global clients from September onwards.

Diamonds from Rinky Gems


A known dealer of loose round diamonds, the company has also started offering a fine jewellery line with diamonds and gemstones in 18-karat gold through its brand Signare Jewellery.

“The global diamond market has become very competitive and companies need to step up to meet new challenges. As such, we are now selling specific sizes, with a heavy focus on quality,” stated Rinky Gems. “We recognise that every market has specific needs. What’s good for our Turkish customers may not work for our US-based clients so we are offering diversified products at this year’s show.”

The diamond trader’s largest markets are Turkey and the US but it also has a strong customer base in Southeast Asia, particularly Myanmar, Thailand and Laos as well as Nepal and Sri Lanka.