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Deluge of diamonds from BHC

13 September 2018

BHC Diamonds (Thai) Co Ltd is casting the spotlight on loose diamonds in round, marquise and pear shapes, with sizes ranging from 0.003 carat to 33 points in all qualities. The focus is primarily on its round brilliant cut stones, the company said.

Round brilliant cut diamond


It also offers assorted parcels of white, light and dark brown, champagne and treated black diamonds.

“We specialise in fine-quality stones and a consistent assortment of flawless to promotional-quality goods,” BHC Diamonds noted. “Our flexible pricing system is also very attractive to buyers.”

The company said its eyes are fixed on current and prospective Chinese buyers at the show but it is likewise actively chasing business opportunities with jewellery companies and retailers from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia.

“We are counting on quality buyers who are visiting the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair for continued growth,” added BHC Diamonds.