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Empress of colours

16 September 2018

Award-winning New York-based jewellery designer Caroline Chartouni is showcasing her latest masterpieces at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Paraiba tourmaline earrings

Emerald ring


Exhibiting under her eponymous brand Caroline C, Chartouni is once again captivating buyers with her coloured gemstone jewellery pieces – a highlight of which is a pair of earrings with mesmerising Paraiba tourmalines and diamonds.

According to Chartouni, she derives inspiration from the gemstone as well as the personality of the person she is designing the jewellery for.

“I want the jewellery piece to be an extension of my client’s personality. I want to know if it’s a piece of jewellery that she wants to wear every day or for a special occasion. My designs are a celebration of femininity and a woman’s delicate beauty,” the designer said in a previous interview.

The Paraiba tourmaline, she continued, reminds her of diving into the depths of the bluest ocean. “The intensity of the colour mesmerises both the wearer and the observer. Paraiba tourmaline is also very feminine,” she added.