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Trendy jewellery boxes

16 September 2018

Zhejiang Multipack Import & Export Co Ltd of China is presenting elegant and trendy jewellery packaging designs at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Jewellery boxes

Jewellery pouches


According to the company, the products are in line with fashion trends and come in innovative designs and popular colours of the season.

“Our new collection, manufactured with precision and unmatched craftsmanship, highlights the value of the jewellery brand and draws attention to the beauty of the jewellery,” the company said. “Our elegant designs perfectly complement the fine jewellery pieces that they hold.”

The company also offers personalised jewellery packaging solutions based on customers’ needs.

“We are looking forward to providing jewellery packaging solutions to jewellery brands and high-end jewellery chain stores and wholesalers at the show,” Zhejiang Multipack said.