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Traditional Japanese techniques

17 September 2018

Jewellery by Keiko Ito

Jewellery by Keiko Ito

Jewellery by Keiko Ito

Jewellery by Keiko Ito


Japanese designer Keiko Ito is looking to draw the attention of retailers, boutiques and concept stores to his polished, dynamic and colourful jewellery pieces that reflect his culture and heritage.

According to Ito, his jewellery pieces are created with the Raden decorative technique that uses mother-of-pearl or inlay of shells to adorn items, and accented with Urushi or Japanese natural lacquer. These traditional Japanese techniques of jewellery making are applied to Ito’s works on 18-karat gold or platinum frames.

“The production process to create my works is a labour of love, defined by delicate handcrafting techniques,” said the designer.

Ito said his bejewelled creations cost from 100,000 yen (around US$900) to 5 million yen (US$45,000).