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Glittering spectacle of shapes

17 September 2018

Multi-shape diamond bracelet by Lili Jewelry

Multi-shape diamond bracelet by Lili Jewelry


Lili Jewelry is drawing professional trade buyers’ attention to its new multi-shape diamond bracelet.

Launching at the show, the bracelet features 8.70 carats of diamonds including Lili Jewelry’s patented diamond cuts such as Lily, Meteor and Crisscut Cushion. The bracelet is set in 18-karat white gold.

An extensive selection of jewellery with Lili Jewelry’s special diamonds is also turning heads at the show.

The Israel-headquartered company manufactures loose diamonds and high-end handmade diamond jewellery. Its diamond business consists of regular shapes and patented cuts such as the Lili Diamond, Orchidea, Crisscut, Crisscut Cushion, Meteor and Wondercut.

According to Lili Jewelry, its superb designs and sophisticated diamond cuts count among its competitive advantages.

At this year’s September Hong Kong Fair, the company is training its sights on buyers from Southeast Asia and China.