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Eternal love stories

17 September 2018

Fine jeweller Magerit Joyas of Spain is launching Eternal, one of its most whimsical collections at the International Premier Pavilion of the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

‘Juliet’ pendant with diamonds, diopsides, tanzanites and peridots

‘Passion ring’ embellished with diamonds and red sapphires

‘Lady Juliet’ earrings with topaz centre stones

A pair of ‘Verona’ earrings in 18-karat gold

‘Carmen’ pendant with red sapphires, diamonds and a tanzanite centre stone


Brimming with romance and Magerit’s signature artistry, the Eternal Collection consists of pendants, rings and earrings in 18-karat gold. Inspired by some of the greatest love stories ever told – Romeo and Juliet, the Butterfly Lovers, and Carmen – the pieces in heart and butterfly motifs are set with diamonds, rubies, fancy sapphires, tanzanites, peridots, topaz stones and other scintillating gemstones.

The pieces inspired by the tale of Romeo and Juliet lean on romantic ornaments, with the ivy motif represented in several models. The delicate shapes and colours of the butterfly are captured in the jewellery pieces inspired by the legend of the Butterfly Lovers. The Carmen-inspired line, for its part, resorts to red sapphires and diamonds to reflect the passion and strength conveyed by the beloved opera.

The collection’s showstoppers include the Butterfly Lovers pendant made of stylised outstretched wings embellished with diamonds, and the Carmen ring, a statement piece in the shape of a woman holding up a heart-shaped tanzanite centre stone and wearing a flowing dress adorned with fancy sapphires and diamonds.

Founded in 1994, Magerit said all of its precious materials are carefully selected in line with the strictest quality control guidelines. Each jewellery item is manufactured – from start to finish – in Madrid.