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Jadeite expert sees solid demand for top-grade gems

21 June 2019

Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd expects strong demand for high-end jewellery pieces and rare gemstones despite a challenging global economy.


The company is showcasing its latest collections of coloured gemstone jewellery sets and jadeite masterpieces at the June Fair.

According to Yu Chung-ta, founder and president of Chia Ta, luxury jadeite jewellery pieces are not mere valuables to be kept in a safe or passed onto the next generation; these are also trendy and wearable ornaments designed and carefully handcrafted by professionals. Yu also stressed that demand is always strong for natural, top-quality gemstones as these are hard to come by.

“The jewellery industry as a whole has not been left unscathed by the global economic downturn and the volatility of stock markets around the world. Rare jewels and gemstones fetching record-breaking prices at auctions in recent years is a good indication that high-end jewellery continues to thrive despite economic uncertainties,” Yu said.