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Tantalising tourmalines from Wild & Petsch

21 June 2019

A stunning selection of coloured gemstones with an exceptional cut and finish is gracing the display windows of Wild & Petsch GmbH of Germany.

Santa Maria aquamarine

African Paraiba tourmaline


Top-billing its product offerings are a fresh line of pink, red and green tourmalines and a mesmerising assortment of highly coveted African Paraiba tourmalines.

Another highlight at Wild & Petsch’s booth is a striking selection of Santa Maria aquamarines from Brazil.

Professional buyers may also choose from the company’s general collection of gemstones.

Citing uncertainties in the world economy, the company stressed the importance of building strong strategic partnerships with existing customers on top of offering top-grade products.

“We should treat our clients with outstanding service, focus on their special needs and requirements, and make sure that the overall package we offer results in a seamless and convenient B2B experience,” noted the company.