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Australia Pavilion highlights opal suppliers

22 June 2019

Opal, the only gem that contains all colours of the rainbow in one stone, is taking centre stage at the newly launched Australia Pavilion of the June Fair.

Boulder opal from Regent Opal

Hopkins Lightning Ridge opal from Hopkins Opal

Boulder opal from Madsen Opals


A broad selection of loose opals, from solid black and boulder gems to light opals, as well as fine opal jewellery collections are among the pavilion's top draws.

The Australia Pavilion features major opal specialists, namely Cody Opal (Australia), Hopkins Opal, Iris Opal, Madsen Opals, Mintabie Opals Australia, Opal Rush, Opal Story, Regent Opal, Rex Opal, Sam Carbone Opals and The Opal Corporation.

These companies source opal material directly from Australia's mining fields, and cut and polish the stones in their own workshops.

“The opal is loved for its incredible play-of-colour,” revealed Celine Lau, director of Jewellery Fairs at Informa Markets. “The Australia Pavilion at the June Fair gives buyers an opportunity to view a wide variety of opals, from the finest black opals with intense blue, green and red body colours to light and boulder opals.”

According to Cody Opal, gem-grade black opal is in great demand from discerning collectors and designers. “Our stock consists of the most sought-after black opal, mined only in Australia. These gemstones display all the colours of the spectrum, and their rarity and brilliance cannot be found anywhere else in the world,” the company said.

Iris Opal is also presenting one-of-a-kind gems at the Australia Pavilion. “We have found very high-quality Lightning Ridge black opals this time,” shared Iris Opal's Shuichi Minoda. “If there are any buyers looking for really good-quality black opal, they can't miss this opportunity.”

Madsen Opals meanwhile offers “very unique and beautiful Australian black and boulder opals.”

Hopkins Opals is displaying its extensive collection of Lightning Ridge opals. “Our opals are of the finest quality, ethically mined, responsibly sourced and fairly priced,” noted the company.