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Gem labs present latest innovations

22 June 2019

Major names in the world of gemmology, including the Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Ltd (AGIL), DANAT (Bahrain Institute for Pearls & Gemstones), Gemological Institute of America, GRS Lab (Hong Kong) Ltd, Gübelin Gem Lab Ltd, Guild Gem Laboratories, ICA GemLab Ltd, Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF and ACODES, are presenting their latest innovations and research studies at the Gemmological Laboratories Zone of the June Fair.




DANAT is offering pearl and gemstone testing services at the show, making it the only lab to provide unique pearl testing services onsite.

The lab is also displaying natural Bahraini pearl jewellery pieces and historical pearling equipment, and a transparent lab section where show attendees may view and observe onsite testing.

SSEF meanwhile is presenting GemTrack™, a service linking cut stones to the rough from which they originated using gemmological techniques. “Given the growing demand for provenance and traceability in our industry, we felt that SSEF can provide a truly independent gemmological documentation for a gem on its journey from the rough to cut state, and even to its being set in jewellery,” said Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki, director of SSEF.

GRS Lab (Hong Kong) Ltd, for its part, is launching its “Platinum Award Report Book,” which is presented only to the rarest gems it has tested. In addition to a detailed description of the gemstone and the results of the comprehensive tests done on the stone, the book will include historical and geological background information about the source of the gemstone.

The lab has also implemented new AR (Augmented Reality) technologies, which allow a seamless combination of the handmade and fully customised book with modern video technologies.

Acknowledged as the oldest gemmological laboratory in Hong Kong, AGIL is providing onsite gemstone testing and identification services, and presenting its newly designed Professional Jewellery Grading Lamp and ABCD+S testing set, and its AGIL Special Professional Gems and Jewellery Courses.