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Mystic gems from Cruzeiro

22 June 2019

An expansive selection of tourmalines from the famed Cruzeiro mine in Brazil is adorning the booth of gemstone specialist Seven Fine Gems.


According to the company, prices range from US$80 to US$500 per carat, depending on the colour, transparency, cut and weight of the gemstones.

The trader is intending to do business with buyers from Hong Kong and China. “We have been experiencing steady growth in the Chinese market so we are upbeat about business prospects at this year’s show,” disclosed the company.

The Cruzeiro mine in the state of Minas Gerais is the biggest tourmaline source in the world, according to Seven Fine Gems.

The mine produces an average of eight tonnes of tourmalines annually. The production primarily consists of green tourmalines; followed by pink variants and rubellites, which account for about 30 percent; and blue tourmalines, which make up 10 percent of total output.