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Universe of colours

22 June 2019

Gemstone dealer Constantin Wild is presenting a sparkling collection of gemstones in wild, striking colours.

Orange sapphire

Canary tourmaline


At the centre of its product offerings are imperial topaz stones with red, pink and orange overtones, which allude to grace and passion, according to the company.

Elegant yet tempestuous orange sapphires meanwhile are expected to strike a chord with buyers looking for sophisticated gems that reflect their free-spirited zest for life.

“Orange sapphires evoke cheerfulness and a light-hearted feeling. Since most sapphires are blue, the orange variety is extremely rare and highly desirable,” remarked the gem trader.

Constantin Wild is also offering an exclusive selection of manganese-rich, canary-yellow tourmalines. Only a small mine at the border of Zambia and Malawi produces these captivating gems, the company said.