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Leonori’s garden of jewels

22 June 2019

Italian jeweller Leonori Srl is offering two carefully curated fine jewellery collections at the June Fair.

Ortensia ring


The Ortensia collection, inspired by immaculate white Hydrangeas, evokes romanticism as it pays homage to Italian craftsmanship. Fancy yellow diamonds give the pieces a burst of fire and colour. The star of the collection is an open ring adorned with white and yellow diamonds showing two intertwining flowers.

The Victoria collection meanwhile took inspiration from contemporary and empowered women of today. A highlight of the collection is a ring with a 1.2-carat fancy yellow diamond centre stone accented with 244 white diamonds.

Founded in Italy in 1962, Leonori Maison specialises in unique jewellery pieces embellished with top-grade gemstones.

Now run by third-generation family members, the company delivers cutting-edge jewellery pieces inspired by modern women and their penchant for exclusivity and self-expression.