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JNA Show Daily

  • PDC dazzles with lab-grown diamond collection

    Certified laboratory-grown diamonds in myriad colours, shapes and sizes are adorning the booth of PDC Ltd at the September Hong Kong Fair.

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  • A cut above the rest

    A rich assortment of coloured gemstones in innovative cuts is the highlight of Kreis Jewellery GmbH & Co KG’s offerings at the September Hong Kong Fair.

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  • Milin Triple B’s resplendent world of rubies and sapphires

    Corundum specialist Milin Triple B Co Ltd is aiming to entice buyers at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair with its expansive collection of rubies and sapphires.

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  • Krish Creations offers top-grade corundum

    Premium-quality unheated rubies and sapphires are gracing the display windows of corundum expert Krish Creations Co Ltd. Also on offer are fine Mozambique ruby and Burmese sapphire layouts.

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  • Padparadscha fantasies

    Gemstone specialist and fine jeweller Wilds Co Ltd is enticing buyers and collectors to discover the beauty of investment-quality gemstones at this year’s fair.

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  • Madagascar gems take centre stage at Sept Fair

    Coloured gemstones of the finest quality from Madagascar are set to fascinate buyers at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

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  • Ethereal greens from ColEmerald

    ColEmerald Ltd is presenting a vast selection of top-grade Colombian emeralds in singles and matching pairs at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

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  • Alrosa’s world of diamonds

    Alrosa is displaying its collections of fancy colour diamonds and special-sized rough diamonds of over 10.8 carats that are featuring in its auctions this month.

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  • Glittering array from Hini Star

    A scintillating selection of diamonds is drawing buyers’ attention at Hini Star Ltd’s booth at the September Hong Kong Fair.

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  • Diamond dealer enhances portfolio

    Rinky Gems Co Ltd is expanding its product portfolio to include more Gemological Institute of America-graded diamonds of 3 carats and up as well as fancy-shaped diamonds. It is also providing worldwide shipping services to global clients from September onwards.

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  • Sheetal’s sparkling prospects

    Sheetal (Far East) Ltd is casting the spotlight on its vast inventory of certified and non-certified diamonds at the September Hong Kong Fair.

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  • Print Distribution

    The JNA Show Daily carries hot news on products and events, high-profile interviews, jewellery showcases. A Guaranteed must-read for trade fair delegates, thereby providing an excellent platform to communicate with key buyers from all over the world.

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  • Power of Red

    The colour red evokes myriad emotions – from passion and love to power, anger and danger. In China, red signifies joy and prosperity. Whatever the sentiment, gems in various shades of this striking hue never fail to enchant wearers and beholders alike.

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  • Alluring Greens

    Green, the colour of life, brings to mind sensations of nature, harmony, freshness and energy. In the fine jewellery world, green gems such as emeralds and jadeite heighten the glamour and sophistication.

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  • Argo Diam’s fancy shapes

    Argo Diam Ltd is casting the spotlight on its new range of “pie cut” diamonds and “pie cut” diamond jewellery at the September Hong Kong Fair.

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  • Massa Gioconda presents wonders of nature

    Italy-based coral expert Massa Gioconda is prepared to meet buyers’ sourcing needs for Mediterranean and Pacific corals, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, sardonyx and carnelian shell cameos, and shell lamps.

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JNA Show Daily | Day 6 - Sept 21, 2019