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JNA Show Daily

  • Diamond illusions from Viva Collection

    Viva Collection Co Ltd wants to attract buyers from the US and Europe with its sparkling selection of diamond jewellery pieces in illusion setting.

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  • Hoop earrings: The epitome of versatility

    Dewcarat Ltd's expansive collection of fine jewellery pieces is delighting buyers at the September Fair.

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  • Dazzling finds from AAA Gems

    AAA Gems (China) Co’s moissanite collection is on display at the September Fair.

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  • The blue gems of Africa

    Morebelli Sarl of Madagascar is turning the spotlight on its collection of Paraiba tourmalines from the Mavuco mine in Mozambique as well as Santa Maria aquamarines from Madagascar.

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  • Modernising the diamond experience

    Smit Virani, chief operating officer of Hini Star Ltd, talks about The OPTICA Series™, an exceptional collection of inventive cuts that further enhance a diamond's brilliance and unique appeal.

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  • The universal appeal of Aspire Designs

    Enhanced jewellery collections from Aspire Designs Ltd's celebrated brands are occupying a pivotal place at the company's booth at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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  • Dreaming of diamonds

    Diamond-studded jewellery pieces in refined designs are the centre of attention at Prism Group's fine jewellery booth.

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  • The mystic allure of pearls

    Philippines-based pearl specialist Jewelmer is unveiling a fresh collection of golden South Sea pearl jewellery pieces in enigmatic yet whimsical designs.

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  • Passion for pearls

    Radiant pearls, treasured as symbols of grace and elegance, are keeping the show floor buzzing at the 37th edition of the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

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  • Lorenzo’s scintillating world of colours

    A cosmos of riveting colours and refined designs are top-billing Lorenzo Jewelry Ltd's product offerings at the September Fair.

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  • Trendy, price-point diamond jewellery by Su-Raj

    Su-Raj Inter Gold is presenting a vast assortment of on-trend and competitively priced diamond jewellery pieces.

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  • Design experts to lead JNA Conference 2019

    An impressive roster of international jewellery designers is leading the JNA Conference: “From Inspiration to Innovation – The Designer’s Journey of Creativity” to be held on the sidelines of the September Fair.

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  • Crossfor’s innovative pieces shine bright at Sept Fair

    Crossfor Co Ltd continues to blaze a trail in the diamond jewellery trade with its progressive and contemporary designs.

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  • IB Goodman’s sparkling offers

    A vast assortment of jewellery for men and women is adorning the display windows of IB Goodman Manufacturing Co Inc.

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  • KGK highlights celebrated collections

    Explore KGK Jewellery (HK) Ltd’s well-loved collections – Hues, Rose and Memories – at the September Fair. Emeralds and sapphires juxtaposed with diamonds are the stars of the collections, which highlight KGK’s time-honoured craftsmanship.

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  • Welcome Message

    Welcome to the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair – the ultimate meeting point for the global jewellery industry! Without you, this event would not have been possible.

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JNA Show Daily | Day 6 - Sept 21, 2019