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JNA Show Daily

  • Timeless Diamonds

    A diamond is the symbol of true love. Brilliant and beautiful, diamonds are also perfect gifts to celebrate life’s special moments. Here is an impressive selection of sophisticated diamond jewellery pieces on display at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show.

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  • Glittering options from Lucigala

    Lucigala Jewellery (HK) Ltd wants to capture the fancy of trade buyers with its Orbiting Stars Collection, comprising fine diamond jewellery pieces in contemporary, geometrical designs.

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  • Rio Pearl’s exceptional gems

    An assortment of one-of-a-kind Tahitian pearl jewellery pieces is gracing the booth of Hong Kong-based jeweller Rio Pearl.

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  • KGK presents majestic diamonds

    KGK Jewellery (HK) Ltd is displaying a fascinating collection of fine jewellery pieces, headed by a set of heirloom-quality, floral-inspired necklace, earrings and ring with Zambian emeralds and flawless fancy-shaped diamonds.

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  • Jadeite delight

    Thanks to its relentless beauty and rarity, top-quality natural jadeite is widely sought after by investors and collectors from around the world.

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    Taiwanese jewellery designer Ammie Kang is turning the spotlight on her latest fine jewellery collection in 18-karat gold.

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  • The allure of precious gems

    Quintessential rubies and emeralds, along with rare fancy colour diamonds and mesmerising jadeites, are the true definition of elegance. Fine jewellery pieces adorned with such stones not only accentuate a woman’s natural beauty but also make for sound investment choices.

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  • Captivating corals from De Simone

    De Simone Fratelli Srl is hoping to catch the fancy of trade buyers with its eclectic collections of top-quality coral jewellery.

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  • Bejewelled dreams and fairy tales

    Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry is introducing a dreamy selection of diamond and coloured gemstone pieces fit for a princess.

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  • JEWELMER’S golden treasures

    Pearl specialist Jewelmer is placing its vast collection of fine South Sea pearl jewellery in the limelight at the March Hong Kong Fair.

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  • Refined designs by FERRARIFIRENZE

    Italy-based FerrariFirenze is redefining the meaning of elegance with its latest collection of fine jewellery pieces in contemporary designs.

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  • PEARL enchantments

    Top-quality pearls in a wide range of designs are the stars of pearl companies’ dazzling displays at the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show and the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. Sophisticated and timeless, pearl jewellery pieces are ideal for daily wear while limited-edition, oneof- a-kind items are best worn at special occasions.

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  • Sparkling finds from KIRAN

    Kiran Exports (HK) Ltd is displaying an extensive selection of certified and noncertified diamonds at the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show.

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  • DEWCARAT’S tantalising colours

    Fine jewellery pieces adorned with mesmerising coloured gemstones are gracing the display windows of Hong Kong-based jeweller Dewcarat Ltd.

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  • IIDGR underscores innovation and education

    The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), established by the De Beers Group of Companies, is highlighting an extensive range of innovative diamond detection instruments as well as education programmes at the March Hong Kong Fair.

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    The Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) is holding an auction of special stones at the March Hong Kong Fair.

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JNA Show Daily | Day 6 - Sept 21, 2019