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Vera Wang, CTF to unveil fine jewellery line

15 October 2018


Vera Wang Group and Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group are lifting the veil on a fine jewellery collection that they have jointly created, aimed at catering to the modern design preferences of Chinese brides.

The collection, to be launched on October 19 in China, was developed by the two powerhouses in the fashion and fine jewellery industries, respectively, to meet the needs of the modern Chinese bride who has started to add diamond jewellery to her traditional engagement jewels.

The Vera Wang Love fine jewellery collection includes 18-karat gold and platinum engagement and wedding rings, and fine fashion jewellery, adorned with diamonds and sapphires.

Chow Tai Fook’s T Mark traceable diamonds were used throughout the collection. The diamonds are individually marked with their own nano-inscription, which proves each diamond’s unique identity.

“The sophistication, quality, technical capabilities and vast consumer reach of Chow Tai Fook will enable me to create both wedding and fashion signature pieces of the highest quality from the attainable to the most exclusive,” commented Vera Wang.

“The intrinsic value of the ‘traceable’ marks carried by T Mark diamonds perfectly aligns with Vera’s design philosophy, resulting in beautiful, modern pieces of jewellery. Our partnership will provide a unique and enhanced experience to our customers in Greater China,” noted Kent Wong, managing director of Chow Tai Fook.

The opening price point for the Vera Wang Love collection is around US$400 for fine jewellery pieces. The collection will debut at Chow Tai Fook stores in Shanghai and will eventually be available in other cities including Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong, among others.