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Jade Marvels

29 October 2018

Silver ring with jade by KMC Design

Jade silver jewellery by Petory

Jadeite earrings and ring by Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd

Nephrite jade earrings by SWAZ Design

Laughing Buddha brooch by Anita So Fine Jewellery

Icy jadeite pendant adorned with sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds by Top Kang Lapidary & Jewellery Arts



Jade jewellery is gaining a wider audience through fresh designs, increasingly competitive prices and novel marketing slants with international narratives.

Once regarded as a gem favoured by more mature consumers, jade in its various qualities and colours has caught the fancy of contemporary designers determined to enhance its appeal among younger generations. Often, the vehicle for more artistic designs is silver and the material for such creative expression is lower-quality nephrite jade. 

SWAZ Design recently expanded its portfolio of fashionably edgy silver jewellery with a nephrite jade collection. The line includes the brand’s signature modern styles along with mismatched earrings, adjustable necklaces and interchangeable jewellery pieces.  

Nephrite jade is likewise the focus of the Petory brand, which showcases the gem in dainty silver jewellery for daily wear. The pieces are further embellished with Swarovski crystals for a bright and sparkly feel. 

KMC Design is just as determined to change market misconceptions of the gem through its stylish jewellery that casts the spotlight on jade. Largely geometric in style, its pieces exude modern flair that conveys dynamism and confidence. Asymmetric designs have been particularly popular among millennials, according to the brand. 

Established names in jadeite circles are pushing the envelope on design too. Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd reports stronger demand for icy jade, especially among Western customers. The jadeite specialist combines icy jade with pink sapphires and fancy colour diamonds in trendy pieces catering to younger customers.

Anita So Fine Jewellery balances Oriental elements with modern techniques. Her Laughing Buddha series of brooches feature jade Buddha sculptures on titanium Bodhi leaves encrusted with coloured gemstones. The company’s Dragonfly brooch meanwhile recreates the beloved motif in an elegant melange of icy and green jadeite, titanium, fancy sapphires, spinels and diamonds.

Ammie Kang, creative director of Top Kang Lapidary & Jewellery Arts, prides herself on combining Oriental designs with western artistry. Each of her works tells a story of its own, with top-grade jadeite often playing a starring role.